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As Time Goes By – Mark O’Connor’s Hot Swing Trio

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my favorite tracks from my Seductive Soundtracks playlist, but my lover surprised me with this rendition of As Time Goes By during a special evening together. How he had known to load his iPod with music suited for an evening of long, lingering and gentle yet powerful caressing and touching still blows my mind. Hearing this song for the first time during such a rich and gorgeous state of euphoria has kept that moment memorialized in my memory in a very special way.

Sex aside, and the fact that we both have a very special affinity for Casablanca, I never thought anyone could top Dooley Wilson’s version of this song.

While Mark O’Connor is primarily noted as a classical and progressive bluegrass (or newgrass) violinist, he did a remarkable job of channeling Stephane Grappelli in this song. And to bring in Wynton Marsalis in on trumpet and to let Jane Monheit work her seductive magic spell on vocals is nothing short of orgasmic on multiple levels.

I’m sure once you give this a listen, you won’t be able to get this song out of your head either.