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Besame Mucho – Diana Krall

I fell in love with Besame Mucho long before I knew the lyrics. Diana Krall’s was the first version I heard. I had no idea what the lyrics were all about, but I’d sometimes imagine singing this to my lover if I had her voice; a voice that’s as rich and warm as a long sip of brandy and is as powerful as it is sweet.

Eventually, I looked for the translation of the lyrics and found that they were feelings I often have for him.

I’ve never feared losing him, at least not in his heart, but in the distance that keeps us apart. But what amazes me most is how a young and innocent 15-year-old girl, Consuelo Velázquez, who had never been kissed at the time she wrote the song could capture the passions and vulnerabilities of a woman over three times her age decades later.