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Bijoux de Nip – Bijoux My Nips!

Ever since Bijoux de Nip sent me some of its newest nipple jewelry, I seriously have to update my lingerie collection.

We’re talking big, bodacious, ooh-la-la, super elegant and gorgeous sexy fashion statements!

Calling Bijoux de Nip’s Sequin Heart Nipple Covers pasties is an understatement. They’re more than jewelry. I’d wear them more like clothing if I had a place to wear them outside of the bedroom. The styling, construction and gems are gorgeous, classy, sparkly and high quality.

I love the self-adhesive backing on these. They stay on firmly and securely, are easy to take off, and don’t leave any sticky residue on the skin. Not one bit.

I don’t carry this style at A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique, but I carry a similar black and rhinestone heart style with blue heart shaped dangle gems and a round rhinestone style in red.

I’ve seen tons of little, dainty crystal gems that hang from nipple clamps, but the Bijoux De Nip Chrome Pearl Tassel nipple clamps definitely need some really elegant garters, stockings and black stilettos to go with them! They’re big, elegant, and definitely are the center of attention. They aren’t your mother’s pearls!

These are definitely comfortable for tweezer style nipple clamps. The clamps have a sturdy rubberized coating. They stay on remarkably comfortably and well even when they aren’t on at the tightest adjustment.

Tip: If you’ve never worn tweezer nipple clamps before, all you have to do is slide the ring adjustment at the bottom of the clamp to adjust the amount of tightness you want. They’re a great way to play with nipple pleasure and pain!

Tip: Before putting on any nipple clamps, make sure your nipples are good and hard. Placing nipple clamps on non-erect nipples is painful in not a good way and probably won’t stay on as well depending on the shape of your nipples.

I also got two of Bijoux de Nip’s new feather nipple clamps. I got one pair of the black tweezer clamps with purple, blue, green and peacock-y spotted feathers. I got another pair with huge black, pink and spotted feathers with alligator clamps. The colors of the feathers on both of these sets of clamps are bold and vibrant.

If you’ve never worn alligator clamps before, they have pinchers on the bottom that you can squeeze to open and knobs on the sides that adjust the level of tightness. Like the tweezer clamps, the pincher ends on the alligator clamps are padded so they won’t cut into your skin.

Tip: If you’ve never worn nipple clamps before, start out by wearing them about 15-20 minutes at a time. You will get comfortable with them once the initial “ow” wears off … unless you or your partner want to push the pain threshold a bit by making them tighter. Ironically, they’ll probably hurt the most as soon as you release the clamps to take them off, but the pain will dissipate quickly.

Tip: The feathers on these nipple clamps are extremely delicate. Store them by themselves in the original packaging or in a box that’s long enough to keep them scrunching or getting bent.

And Parrot’s endorsement of my new Bijoux de Nip collection: “Woo hoo! You just put a huge smile on my face!”

For more pasties and nipple clamps from Bijoux de Nip, check out my selection at A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique. I feel very safe in ensuring that the quality of them are as nice as the ones I got to try!