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Chapter 10 of ‘Mastered’ by K.L. Silver

AGWDM mastered book coverSuffused with titillating sexual content, this unorthodox love story also offers a rare insight into the psychological elements behind a Dominant/submissive relationship. Told from both perspectives, it is a unique journey that leaves one rethinking what is normally considered the ‘dark’ side of human nature.

Meet Missy Weaver: Missy always knew that she was different. Deeply submissive but terrified of being labeled deviant, she suppresses her true nature. In its place she constructs a socially acceptable half-life where she exists in militant self-denial.

That is, until fate intervenes…

Meet Jame Colton: Dominant to the bone, James recognizes Missy as innately as a lion identifies the gazelle to be cut from the herd. Easily, he penetrates her well-honed façade. What he finds inflames his imagination and effectively ends nearly three years of mourning and self-imposed celibacy.

When James abruptly removed his hand from her throat, Missy’s reaction was quite different from what she would have expected of herself only yesterday. Instead of outrage and indignation, she was mortified to find herself moaning in anguish at the sudden loss of contact.

Intuitively, she arched her throat towards him in silent surrender. Her nostrils flared, inhaling deeply as she searched for his already recognizable scent. James emanated an irresistible combination of fine cognac, faint cologne, and powerful male pheromones. Missy would swear to its distinct familiarity.


Her inflamed nipple remained firmly ensconced between his persistent fingers. The all-consuming combination of pain and pleasure shot through her body in two opposite directions. Both left her equally faint with need and laser focused on him.

One unrelenting current ran from her tender nipple directly to her brain, the voltage sufficient to induce the most exquisite aura of submissiveness. The other ran unswervingly to her already engorged pussy—voltage diminished not a single iota. Missy’s head all but exploded from the surplus of stimuli.

Upon hearing his hushed directive to open her mouth, intense memories of that afternoon penetrated her dazed mind. Immediately and without trepidation, Missy moved to do his bidding.

How could it be that she, a self-possessed and dignified woman, found herself in such mind-boggling circumstances? Worse, how was it possible that the same self-possessed and dignified woman was actually looking forward to this man’s next wickedly scandalous directive? Looking forward with what could only be described as throbbing excitement, no less.

Missy wondered how much longer it would be until her legs simply gave out from under her. When, not if.

That would be her last discernible rational thought as all sensical supposition was henceforth systematically disabled. The fingers clamped around her pounding nipple relinquished their strangle-hold to some small degree. They now alternated between gentle tweaks and brusque twists.

Missy could actually envision the pulsating bolts of white light that were being masterfully transmitted to the core of her being. She was convinced that James could see them just as clearly. After all, he caused them.

The fingers of his free hand were at her parted lips, opening them further still. James reached within the cavern of her hot, wet mouth and without hesitation, secured a firm hold on her tongue. She felt herself recoil in shock, the movement causing her sharp discomfort. Even so, he did not relinquish his grip. In fact, the more she attempted to pull away, the tighter it became.

Missy’s eyes began to tear. Once again, he had wordlessly conveyed his wishes, and once again—Missy capitulated. Motionless and compliant now, she listened to the peculiar ringing in her ears as he slowly but surely drew her tongue from the safe confines of her mouth. He stretched it until it could go no further.

She would wonder later if he was actually humming, or whether it was just her inflamed imagination. It was at this awkward juncture that James allowed her to look directly into his eyes. She felt her whole body suffuse with scalding hot shame as her eyes slowly rose to meet his.

She was utterly helpless to prevent the saliva that was dripping onto his fingers from her hyper-extended tongue. If possible, his eyes were even more riveting than the first time she found herself held captive within them. The loving acceptance that emanated from them suffused her. Missy’s heart melted.

Without breaking eye contact, he leaned forward and crudely spat upon her distended tongue, co-mingling his saliva with hers. Considering that she was long past disbelief and well into the liberating glow of acquiescence, she barely flinched.

The kiss that followed was so unexpectedly sweet as to bring another kind of tears to her eyes—tears of joy. James kissed her like she’d never been kissed before, touching not only her lips, but her soul. Entangling not only their tongues, but their destinies.

He kissed her until she was panting into his mouth, unwittingly attempting to grind her inflamed pussy against his leg. James easily held her at bay simply by applying or relieving pressure to her nipple. All she knew for sure at that exquisite moment was that she wanted more.

No, she needed more.

For the third time in a single twenty-four-hour period, she was floating in the warmest, rarest aura of absolute peace. She was soon to learn that this all-encompassing glow of well-being was called sub-space.

Sub-space was a state-of-being that Missy would come to beg for. Literally. She felt it the moment James shut the door on the outside world and introduced her to true self. It was uncomplicated.

Master… (Read more)

AGWDM KL Silver author artK.L. SILVER writes erotica novels and XXX novellas. She adds a psychological edge which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Oh, yes – there’s also a LOT of hot s-e-x!

is K.L.’s first novel. She is currently working on the sequel which is due out in the spring, 2015. The Angel Knott Trilogy is a series of XXX bedtime stories guaranteed to keep you up.

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