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Chapter 5 of ‘Turn to Me’ by Harley Easton

AGWDM turn to me coverToday’s the big release day for Harley Easton’s Turn to Me, and I’m giving you a taste of Chapter 5!

Chrissy Lorcan has lived with werewolves her entire life. Landen Sutherlund has only recently discovered their existence. Will a weekend at the lake be enough for her to teach him how to deal with the wolf inside or will secrets and sexual tension break them?

When Chrissy awoke the next morning, sunlight was peeking though the room-darkening curtains. She tried to stretch her weary muscles but found her movement was restricted. She looked down and saw Landen wrapped around her body. A smile crossed her face. His legs were entwined with hers, his arms clutching at her shoulders, and his mess of curls was nestled to her breasts. Trying not to wake him, she ran her hand though his hair and traced the muscles down his back.

He ran last night, oh how he ran, chasing her as if nothing on earth were more important than keeping her in sight. The two of them kept going until her lungs burned for air and the moon dipped on the horizon. It was only then, exhausted, that they walked back to the house. Landen shifted back moments before they reached the door.

She knew nothing happened—a wolf’s first run was always overwhelmingly tiring—but it was somehow comforting to discover they had ended the evening together in bed. It was as if they had been made for each other and, in a way, they had. Chrissy dismissed the thought. She could think about those consequences later. For now, it was time to see if his human side was as comfortable with this as his wolf.

“Lan?” she whispered, loving that for the second time she’d gotten to use her pet name for him. He moved, holding her tighter in his sleep and breathing in deeply. It was a shame to wake him when he seemed so peaceful and content, but they had things to accomplish before he shifted again that evening.

“Lan,” she stated more firmly. “Wake up.”

His eyes fluttered open and a second later he inhaled sharply. Chrissy giggled, knowing that her pert nipple was his first sight of the morning. At the noise he bolted off the bed, staring at her.


The smile dropped from her face. This was not how she’d hoped this would go. Uncomfortably, she grasped the sheet tight to her body, covering her naked flesh. Landen looked down at his own state of undress and cursed again, running an agitated hand across his face.

“Did I? Oh, God, tell me I didn’t.” He moved toward her, but Chrissy couldn’t meet his eyes. Curling into a ball, she bit her lip as her brain tried to string together a sentence to calm the situation.

“I hurt you,” he stated, crestfallen.

Chrissy’s head shot up. After yesterday he was still worried about that? “No!” she cried out, shaking her head. “No.”

From his hunched shoulders, Chrissy could tell that Landen didn’t believe her. She dropped the sheet and crawled to the edge of the bed where he stood. As the fabric pooled on the floor, she caressed his body with her lips, kissing his forehead, his eyes, his lips—anything she could reach to comfort him. Gently, Landen pulled away in disbelief.

“See for yourself,” Chrissy stated, jumping off the bed to pull back the drapes. The room flooded with light, revealing a breathtaking view of the cliffs and the lake edge they ran last night. In the sun it was easy to see her creamy flesh held no red marks. Landen gaped so she turned, offering him a full view.

“Not a scratch.”

Landen’s tongue darted out of his mouth, wetting his lips. His eyes were bluer than they had been the previous evening, but were still flecked with amber. The full moon was tonight. The wolf would be more present today than any other. Chrissy knew he wasn’t sated. Having been allowed to run the previous evening, his wolf would expect freedom this morning.

Lust rolled off Landen in waves; the wolf’s appetite purely carnal. Chrissy’s eyes glassed over and her knees went weak thinking about it. She tried to brace herself by grabbing the arm of the reading chair that graced the corner of the bedroom.

“Do you intend to stare at me like that all morning?” she asked.

Landen stalked toward her, the slant of his strong shoulders predatory and alluring. “And exactly how am I staring at you?”

“Like you’re starving,” Chrissy whispered, “and I’m breakfast.”

He circled, roping her into his arms and running his tongue from her shoulder up to her ear. Grazing the tender lobe with his teeth, Landen groaned and pressed himself against her bare bottom. “But I am starving, dove.” He easily lifted her, carrying her back to the bed and laying her down upon the edge. “And I intend to taste every inch of you.”

Moisture pooled between her legs as his tongue slid roughly from her navel up to the hollow of her throat. His body covered hers, his tongue possessively invading her mouth. When Landen came up for air, she playfully nibbled his lower lip. Growling in response, he pinned her arms above her head.

Landen wasn’t kidding about tasting all of her. His mouth moved to suck her fingers, slowly and sensuously. Allowed access to his chest, Chrissy decided to enjoy breakfast as well. She twirled her tongue around his nipple. Landen’s hips bucked in response, but he didn’t stop. Moving down some, he bit at her sensitive wrists before working down her arms.

Her body awakened beneath his, writhing, but he stilled her with a firm press of his legs. He nipped at the hollow of her throat before moving to lavish attention on her breast. The rough drag of his tongue across her nipple was maddening. He took the tight bud in his teeth and sucked harshly, leaving an aching void of sensation when he turned his attention to the other breast.

Kindly, he dropped a hand from Chrissy’s wrists and began to explore further south, dipping a finger slowly in and out of her wet slit. A gasp earned her an additional finger as his tongue continued down her ribcage and his teeth found the sensitive spots on her hips.

Chrissy bit her lip in anticipation as he stilled over her mound. Landen wasn’t ready to give in yet. Inhaling deeply, he released a hot, moist stream of air over her. When she twitched, he inhaled again and issued a moan of pleasure. The sound alone made Chrissy’s sex clench. Wolf or not, this side of the detective was sexy and unexpected.

Her legs tried to close, in order to gain some friction and ease her torment, but were stopped by his body. She felt the pressure release on her wrists as he massaged her and placed kisses on the inside of her thighs.

She moaned as he removed his fingers from inside her, dropping to his knees at the side of the bed. His strong hands lifted her leg as his teeth grazed her instep and ankle. Chrissy’s hips bucked and she looked through her eyelashes to find Landen smiling. He hooked her knees over his shoulders and plunged his tongue inside her.

“Fuck, Lan!” she screamed, unable to withstand the sheer pleasure he was inflicting on her body. He tongued her slit a few more times before lowering her knees and standing, offering a full view of his rigid cock. Landen’s intense attention had been blissful agony for Chrissy. She had no idea how he’d been able to deny himself this long.

Predatorily, he crouched over her, crawling his way up her body. His slender fingers laced with hers as he entered her. Landen watched Chrissy’s face intently for every reaction. His pace wasn’t quick and needy like before, yet it was just as passionate.

Chrissy opened her mouth to gasp, but couldn’t make a sound—so piercing was the sensation as Landen ground his hips in small circles. His forehead rested on hers and they both panted in need, their eyes gazing hungrily, tongues reaching out to tease lips.

Chrissy wanted to hold out for him, to let him come first, but in the end she couldn’t. She shuddered as his thrusts grew more insistent. Over and over he pounded his hips against hers, forcing her to spiral through orgasm after orgasm. Finally, she felt a tremor run through his body as he lost himself, spilling his hot seed inside her.

She wasn’t sure how long they lay there, silently locked together. Chrissy only knew that she didn’t want to let go of Landen, or this feeling of contentment. However, the long summer day was well underway and they had errands to run before the evening.

After all, the wolf would not wait. (Read more)

Harley Easton is a Renaissance woman dabbling in everything life offers. She’s worked at a major theme park, found expert witnesses for legal cases, and been a guest lecturer at a well known national museum. Putting experience and insanity to good use, she’s become an author specializing in erotic fiction. Get to know Harley better at her website at