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Couple Makes it a Go with a Brand-New Sex Toy, the Go-Go Glider

About 2½ years ago, Kevin brought up an idea to his wife, Julie, about a sex toy that would stimulate vaginal penetration and G-spot arousal at the same time. It was an idea that Julie couldn’t wrap her head around, especially since there wasn’t a sex toy like it on the market.

While Julie was away on a business trip, Kevin got to work on a prototype using what he could find at the craft store, hardware store and the sex toy store to make something he could use to show her what what he was talking about. From there, the husband and wife team who had known each other as kids and have been through 25 years of marriage, three kids, two grandchildren, and several business ventures got to work on the chapter of their lives: the Go-Go Glider.

The Go-Go Glider has an 6½-inch platinum-cured medical grade silicone dildo that slides on a body-safe polycarbonate or medical grade stainless steel rod. Pushing on the rod penetrates the vagina. Pushing on the handle of the dildo rubs the G-spot. The patent-pending double thrust design makes it the only sex toy of its kind that ignites both erogenous zones at the same time. Use it with a vibrator on the clitoris and it’s the ultimate triple play!

I know … it looks like a WTF device, but those who have used it say it’s an OMG sex toy.

“One of the significant benefits has been learning as we go,” Julie says. “When couples are able to talk about needs and benefits, it makes for a more successful relationship. Women need to start communicating with their partners. Sex is not naughty or perverted. Toys have a purpose. Eighty percent of women need to have multiple erogenous zones stimulated simultaneously to achieve orgasm.”

“It’s the most intimate experience,” Kevin says. “You get to see the results of your work. You know what they say – happy wife, happy life. If you take care of her, she’ll take care of you.”

Having a sex toy developed by a husband and wife team is special in itself. Kevin and Julie also enlisted the help of a sex toy maker on the east coast and used four different designers along the way. They also took the Go-Go Glider to several conventions to get feedback from people in the adult novelty toy industry.

“A lot of people in the industry have been considerate in giving their input,” Julie says.

Getting the Go-Go Glider to the marketplace hasn’t been the only business venture that Kevin and Julie have embarked on in their 25 years of marriage.

“She’s very technologically and design-oriented and I’m all about business and the numbers so it works out very well,” Kevin says.

One of the features of the Go-Go Glider Kevin and Julie had direct input in was the color of the dildo: Pantone’s No. 1 Color of 2014, Radiant Orchid. It’s a shade of purple that’s as luxurious as the materials that are used in making the Go-Go Glider.

The biggest thing that tugs at my heartstrings – “He made this for me,” Julie says.

That’s what I call the ultimate couples sex toy … even though women can use it by themselves, too.

The Go-Go Glider is making its big debut on Jan. 20 with its IndieGoGo campaign. The first units off the production line will go to Indiegogo purchasers and you can get either version for much below the retail price.

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