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Dare to Let Out Your Bad Girl

AGWDM dare to let out your bad girlThere are times I want to be a bad girl; to be aggressive, slutty or a bit dangerous.

So what has stopped me?

In some cases, bad girls scare men and I don’t like being negatively judged. In the past, when I’ve put out the bad girl vibe, I haven’t been treated in the nicest, kindest and respectful ways. And there are times when I’ve told Parrot, “It’s because you treat me so well and so politely.”

I’m glad I told him that because I had to hear him say, “But I love that!”

There have been times when the bad girl just comes out, and I should know by now those times have been hot for both of us.

I finally figured out why that had been an issue with me. It’s those negative issues from the past. I just had to let go of them and remind myself Parrot is not those men. I had to remind myself the times I’ve let my bad girl side out that he’s always treated me well and lovingly afterwards.

I think I can speak for most women when I say that being the bad girl in bed feels awkward because it’s not the way we usually feel or act in our everyday lives. Even when the thoughts and urges are there, it takes a lot of trust to let the bad girl out, not just with our partners, but with ourselves.

But being the bad girl is fun and it’s liberating. It’s what makes sex really hot. Why should we deny ourselves such hotness and pleasure?

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