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Data Mining Our Sex Lives & Sexting

AROUSR is it time to rethink sextingI am not a statistician. In fact, I hated statistics class in college. However, I love pouring over stats and data that other people have other people have picked apart and analyzed, especially when it comes to our sex lives. As a sex blogger, writer and marketing pro, this kind of information gives me a lot of insight about the things people normally don’t talk openly about. Almost all the time, everyone’s dirty little secrets are pretty universal.

Last week’s Ashley Madison data dump was epic. I had no interest in any specific people that turned up (although I was not surprised that cristo-hypocrite Josh Duggar did), but wrapping my head around the 37 million people who are and were Ashley Madison members was pretty interesting in two of the five stories I included in my bi-weekly roundup of Sex Stories We Love in Kinkly.

And when it comes to sexting, I wish people would stop talking about it like it’s a bad thing. Let’s be honest; it’s something that almost everyone does. That’s not something I’m making an assumption about based on what I read or overhear from the sex-positive people who follow my blog. The latest facts I got come from a study conducted by a pair of researchers at Drexel University. I used the information about their study in my latest bog post at Arousr, Is it Time to Rethink Sexting in a Positive Way?