Date Night

Date Night: Getting Dressed up for that Big Special Night Out

Aside from my birthday back in November, this Valentine’s Day is the first holiday Parrot and I are spending together. Even though no holiday is more special than any day we get to spend together, we decided that Valentine’s Day should be our Big Special Night Out during the time he’ll be here.

Most of the time, we can pull off wearing snappy casual clothes for our Big Special Nights Out. Who gets dressed up anymore, especially if we’re off doing the tourist thing? But I can’t see sullying the spirit of Valentine’s Day by throwing on one of several nice blouses and dressier slacks to go out for dinner. Valentine’s Day is a dress night and I own all of two dresses. Both of them have short sleeves. My other option is a black mini skirt – very mini. It probably would be suitable for one of our Valentine’s Day destinations, but probably not the other.

I should be excited about going out to buy a dress, but to be honest, I really don’t have any other reasons to wear dresses. And how many times can I wear the same dress when Parrot and I do go out somewhere nice? And ladies, you get this – those Big Special Nights Out require a brand-new dress. And shoes. Wearing something a second time around takes the specialness out of a Big Special Night Out.

I hate to sound cheap, but my budget is tight. I want to look nice. I want to wear that dress that will start off some really evil eye contact foreplay by the evening’s second cocktail, that dress that will make him say, “I can’t wait to take that dress off of you,” before we pay the bill.

I think I found that dress. Of course, it’s not on sale. I don’t want to go into detail about what it looks like for obvious reasons. Making an entrance in the perfect dress is a big part of Big Special Nights Out. I love how that first gaze takes the wind out of a man’s lower chest.

Then I got distracted by the black leather boots on the clearance rack. They’re about the same price as the dress. I could wear the shit out those boots between now and the time things thaw out here. The dress will probably only be worn once.

It’s tough being romantic and pragmatic.

As much as I loved the boots, I had to take a pass on them. I left the dress on the rack, hoping I could find a better deal on another one I like just as much. Unlike my sister who always finds some kind of drop-dead gorgeous dress on sale for $25-$30, the stuff I find looks like it came out of somebody’s grandmother’s closet.

I have a week to come up with something. Another mall, another couple of boutiques. I’m determined to find that dress that will make his eyes say, “Wow!” without speaking a word.