Date Night

Date Night Idea: The Strip Tease

We all know that scene from 9 1/2 Weeks. A slurry blast of horns precedes Elizabeth (Kim Basinger) in the shadows from behind a sliding glass door as she teasingly flexes a leather riding crop. She slithers and gyrates her body like liquid sex, peeling layers of clothing off her body before making her entrance in the room. She finally gets down to a silky chemise, doing everything in her power to push the ever untoppable kinky John (Mickey Rourke) over the edge. It has to be the most lubricating inducive scene in cinematic history.

Do it yourself? Can you hear Joe Cocker sing, “Yes, yes, yes?”

If you’re lucky enough to have a class in your area that teaches women how to do a strip tease, burlesque dance, pole dance or lap dance, by all means take it. If you don’t, these videos from Sky 7 Dance give some tips on beginners’ moves that will make you look like you know what you’re doing with some practice in front of a full-length mirror.

Dress in in easy to take off layers that don’t have buttons or hooks (but an easy-to-reach zipper could be a juicy tease). Start with a blazer, shrug, belted trench coat or a silky robe. Want to leave a hat on at least for part of the time? Get a wide-brimmed hat that can partially hide a cheeky wink or smile before you toss it off to the side. Think about wearing something with slinky straps that you can slip off your sexy bare shoulders a couple of times. Wear a provocatively pretty pair of panties that are easy to shimmy out of — eventually. Go with elastic banded thigh high stockings that you can take your time rolling down your legs before tossing his way without having to mess with potentially uncooperative garter belt hooks. Shoes? Stilettos, of course.

Keep in mind that you probably have about three minutes before you take it all off. You’ll have to prepare a bit of a routine so your timing is right before it all comes off.

Music is everything. It has to have grinding beat. I like The Lingerie Diva’s strip tease playlist on YouTube. It’s a smartly curated selection of music that fits a range of moods, tastes and styles.

Don’t forget to incorporate some props that you can bring into the bedroom once you’re done with your performance. Tease him with a feather tickler wand or get dangerously close while swirling around the tails of a suede flogger. Don’t trust him to adhere to the “no touching” rule? Tie his wrists with satiny tie restraints.

Then have yourselves a kinky good time after the show!