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Date Night: The Surprise Date

Parrot is the master of planning surprise dates. He gives me absolutely no clues to what he has planned.

One evening we were heading out to dinner and he tells me that we have to be somewhere at 8 o’clock.

“Where are we going for dinner?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” he said with a wink.

“Hmm … okay,” I said.

Parrot has never planned a bad or mediocre dinner out, but his wink let on that he had something really fun planned. I knew that he was having even more fun keeping me guessing as to where we were going. I couldn’t begin to guess.

“Where do we have to be at 8 o’clock?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” he said.

His grinned widened. He was having too much fun teasing me. I love this kind of taunting and torture, and he knows it.

“Well, what should I wear?” I asked.

I suspected that he had tickets for something, but in a town like San Francisco, that could be any number of things — a play, jazz, spoken word, a book signing, a workshop. I didn’t want to be underdressed or overdressed.

“I’m wearing a golf shirt, khakis and my loafers,” he said.

I took that to mean that our destinations were “casual nice”.

I got out of bed, freshened up, and threw on some appropriate garb. Parrot seemed to approve of my outfit.

Our first stop was dinner at a corner shack for lack of a better term that served Brazilian street food. This was something I never had before. Everything was made to order and served fresh. It was even more fun eating dinner on a sidewalk café, something I haven’t been able to do for months back home in Detroit where things were just beginning to thaw. As always, he didn’t disappoint.

But I still didn’t have a clue of where we had to be after dinner. Even as we circled the streets, he wouldn’t let me help navigate, and it wasn’t all about the typical male stubbornness about not asking for directions. He was determined to pull off a big surprise.

As soon as we approached the Berkeley Freight and Salvage and I saw David Wilcox’s name of the marquee, I squealed. I always wanted to see a show at the Freight and Salvage and David Wilcox is one of several singer-songwriters we love. We got there early enough to get seats right in front of the stage. It was a great show and the Freight and Salvage lived up to its legend of being an intimate place to see a show.

Planning a date in advance and keeping plans secret make dates so much more special, fun and memorable than the typical…

“Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t care.”

“Pick something.”

Surprise dates also reignite that anticipation that goes out of a relationship once the two of you get familiar with each other and things become routine. You don’t need a special occasion to plan a surprise date. Just planning one for no special reason at all makes it all the more fun, cool and romantic.Parrot has pulled off some over-the-top restaurants, B&B’s, and things to do over the years, but over-the-top doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. Different and out-of-the ordinary is good.

Of course, surprise dates are always the best ways to spring bigger surprises.