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Date Night: The Outdoor Concert Picnic

I’m pretty lucky that I live in an area where there are several outdoor evening concert series that are held in parks or centers right on the shore of Lake St. Clair. There’s also a Shakespeare in the Park series that runs during the first couple of weekends in August. (Darn! Parrot will be in town just before that kicks off! It’s something I’ve wanted to do with him for years!) Some of these shows are free or have a modest ticket fee – about $5-$10 per person.

These have been fun date nights for me in the past. There’s something special about listening to music and having a gourmet picnic for two outdoors. It’s casual yet special. Just bring a blanket. Bypass the pizza and hot dog vendors at the park and pick up a bottle of wine and stop by a local market to pick up some artisan sandwiches or salads, good cheese, fruit to nibble on for dessert, and voila! Instant romance!

It’s a much different experience than going to a restaurant with a sidewalk patio that’s just a few feet away from a parking lot or traffic. It’s a total comfortable dress-down affair … T-shirts and shorts. And you can snuggle up close to your sweetie while you listen to the music. Can’t do that in a concert hall or a restaurant.

Even if you don’t get to see the sun dunking down under the horizon toward the end of the show, there’s just something magical about being at a place like this with your lover when the day dims into darkness. It definitely sets the tone of what’s to come when you get home. And if you’re anything like me, there’s something that’s absolutely beautiful about making love with a slightly cooler summer evening breeze wafting through the open windows.