Relationship Ramblings

Dinner in Bed

AGWDM dinner in bedThere are restaurants that my lover Parrot calls absolutely-must-get-laid restaurants, or in other words, fancy, high-end restaurants – white tablecloths, wine lists that are as large as phone books, and bills that equal a typical weekly grocery store receipt.

I love restaurants like those, but I also enjoy dinner at home with him, especially dinner in bed.

Cooking together is sexy. We love sharing wine and nibbling on cheese or caviar while we’re cooking. The trick is to make something elegant and decadent but not too complicated or lengthy to complete like broiled lobster tails or Salmon Coulibiac (I make mine with big dollops of sour cream and lots of fresh dill instead of the rice filling. It’s a trick I learned from a Russian chef of a make-your-reservations-weeks-in-advance restaurant.). Consider dishes that are full of flavor and have a sensuous mouth feel like Penne with Gorgonzola and Green Asparagus or Poached Scallops with Caviar Sauce. The sensual aspects of dinner-in-bed food should be amplified and varied just like seeing, hearing and touching (feeling) are during sex.

Stay away from food that involves a lot of slicing like steak or likely to cause stains pasta with red sauce.

If you’re not great cooks or don’t want to bother cooking, pick up some carry-out Chinese food and eat out the boxes. Sushi is ideal, too. Feeding each other with chopsticks is sexy, especially when it comes to bite-sized morsels.

If you’re concerned about spillage, get over it. It’s a risk when a mattress is your table and pillows are the backs of your chairs. You’ll likely be eating off each other if you “accidentally” spill sauce or food on each other.

Keep the beverages white, preferably white wine or champagne. One of my favorites is the Domaine Caneros Brut. One of my favorite wine store guys recommended it to me and we were lucky enough to drink it on the patio at the winery during a trip to California Wine Country … but that’s another story. Some of my wine guy’s really good but and more affordable picks include Alder Fels Russian River Chardonnay and any of the Gruet sparkling wines from New Mexico. (Yes, New Mexico. I kid you not.)

I realize that dessert for a meal like this triggers the clichés whipped cream and chocolate-covered strawberries. Try going for something you can feed your lover with your fingers like fresh figs stuffed with mascarpone or ricotta filled cannoli. (I add dried cranberries and chopped pistachios to my filling. I also buy my cannoli shells from a nearby Italian bakery.) Plus, creamy fillings like these can lead to some really sweet foreplay.

The bonus of dinner in bed is that you can get right down to business without struggling to keep your hands off each other during the ride home from the restaurant.