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AGWDM new SSWL artEver notice how sex gets really exciting when you throw something new in the mix? That’s what I try to focus on new stuff when I do my bi-weekly roundup of Sex Stories We Love at Kinkly. Even when I come across the kind of story I’ve read at least a half dozen times like the downsides of having a big dick, if I read about one or two reasons I never heard of, I find that to be absolutely fascinating! And when I heard about some ancient sex rules and rituals that are being practiced today, even in places like New York City, I had to include that in my Sex Stories We Love roundup because it was all so new to me … and probably new to you, too.

Since Halloween is coming up, my editor at Arousr and I thought it would be fun to pass along some role playing sexting tips … along with the reason why doing something new in your sex or sexting routine is so exciting. Take a click over at Halloween Role Playing Sexting Ideas for the deets.