Adult Humor

FetLife Foolishness: Seeking Donations of Panties to Benefit His Cause

Someone forwarded me a post in the Denver FetLifers group on FetLife that made my eyes roll around my head like a basket full of balls in a bingo tumbler cage at a nursing home.

Seeking Donations of Panties to Benefit My Cause

I am an older man and one of the things that has pulled me out of my depression of being lonely is to collect dirty panties and/or wear women’s lingerie. Some people have a pet rock, some have a blanket or stuff animal, and I like lingerie. Due to my economic situacion I cannot afford to pay for your panties donation, the donation of panties would be a kind act.

Wait … Scratch the nursing home reference. He thinks “older” is 43 years old.

Of course, some FetLifers had too much fun making a mockery of his “cause.” Let’s say the man got his panties in a bunch about it.