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Filming … and Other Things … ‘on Location’

Even with all of the craziness that takes place during the holidays, Parrot and I managed to make time to spend some time together this weekend. He has his plane ticket and will be getting ready to board his plane by the time this post goes up. He booked a hotel at the airport so we don’t have to travel an hour or more across town during rush hour to my place. When we’ve been separated from each other for two months at a time, there’s no such thing as the arrival gate and a private place being too close in proximity. I’m not sure how quiet it will be with the Westin being right at the terminal, but I doubt if there will be much sleeping going on.

Actually, I love the tradition of hotel night the first night he comes to my end of the world, especially when we’re not traveling. There’s something so illicit and decadent about meeting up with my lover at a hotel in town, even if I have no one I’m sneaking away from to be with him. I can’t say that things get any wilder or kinkier at a hotel than they do at my place, but I have some ideas.

Since we shot, he edited, and we released Le Dejeuner sur L’Herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) for Make Love Not Porn, we’ve been talking a lot about making another sex tape. I would love the idea of playing the role of a call girl who comes to his hotel room.

Actually, it wouldn’t be so much about playing a role. I’m much more in that frame of mind than I am the woman typing this tale in her sweats and fuzzy slippers after a day of work, Christmas shopping, and household chores. I feel like a bear that’s crawled out of a cave after hibernating. I’m starving to touch and feel him and for the way he makes me feel.

If we’re lucky and get a room that overlooks one of the taxiways or runways, I’d love the thought of banging away at each other with my hands braced upon the window in full view of hundreds of people at a time rolling by in the planes. I’d love the thought of at least one person saying, “Hey! There’s two people having sex in that hotel room!”

Or I could be the diva that sits back in a lounge chair, props up a leg on a table, and says, “Go at it, darling.”

Or I could be on my knees before him, as I slide his trousers down, take my time teasing the hell out of him by letting my fingers crawl up his calves and the insides of his thighs before they sculpt and mold the masterpiece of his hard-as-marble cock.

I’ve also gotten some inspiration for shots, scenes and scenarios from one hell of a GIF-a-Palooza night on my Tumblr feed last week.

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There’s a reason why GIFs turn me on. If you’ve ever seen yourself or other “real people” having sex, most of the time there aren’t a lot of high-powered, fast action moves going on like there are in porn. It’s slow and sensual. There’s a lot more power in the subtlety of the way backs arch, hips buck, and thighs quiver just like you see in a GIF.

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Even if we don’t get a room overlooking a taxiway, there’s always a benefit of being only floors above people getting dropped off at the hotel/terminal entrances below.

While we (he’s keeping his ideas a surprise) are coming up with all kinds of ways to pull off our next video, I can’t predict where our lust and desires will take us. That’s the beauty of reuniting after two months and making a Make Love Not Porn video. It’s real people having real sex. It’s great to go in with some general ideas and a theme (kind of like role playing), but you just can’t script something like this. Besides, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to film, watch, and, of course, “perform.”

What’s funny about filming our intimate time is that I’m not one to live through vacations and special occasions through a viewfinder. I’ve recorded many of those moments later, sometimes days, weeks or months later, in stories and blog posts. I love taking in the here and now without spending more time with and paying more attention to a camera in my hand. But by the time he joins me in bed (or on a blanket on the grass), I’ve already forgotten that he’s put the camera on the tripod and turned it on.

The effort is more than worth it. Seeing us on screen puts me back in the places we were and the time and the mood we shared. It all comes stirring (and tingling) back to life even more when I can see the furniture, walls, grass and trees that surrounded us. Watching us from only a few feet away via the camera lens set off strong triggers of knowing what was going through my mind and what I was feeling with every move … and ignites arousal and a craving for him and to be with him in a very big way.

And watching us from the perspective of a non-so-distant third eye, the camera lens, is pretty damn hot. It sure beats watching two (or more) actors having sex. Passion and chemistry between two people who know and are wild about each other can’t speak, but they do resonate louder than words … and other noises.

Aside from filming us having sex, I’m really excited to share some quality time with Parrot.