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Free Erotic Story: Morning Glow

AGWDM morning glowI’ve decided to take some of my really hot and juicy erotic stories out of ebook hibernation and offer them free on A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind.

Morning Glow is based on a morning I woke up with Parrot in a charming B&B in the Sonoma Valley when we first got together 19 years ago. Since then, it’s become my favorite way to wake him up.


I woke to the warmth and brightness of yellow sunlight poured through the window facing east, filtered only by a lacy, gauzy curtains. It seemed to oddly energize me for as early as it was in the morning, but it cast a beautiful, golden glow on you. You looked perfect, restful, softly breathing with your head almost floating on the pillow and light sheets and blankets tossed upon your body. Your breathing was incredibly soft and slow. Your eyelids seemed to say you were in a most comfortable place.

I wanted to touch you in the worst way, my fingers desperate to explore every outline of you, my hands wanting to clamor on your chest. Here you were next to me, but it would be selfish of me to impose my insatiability on you.
I tried to nestle myself close enough to feel your presence but I didn’t want to disrupt the slumber you seemed to be enjoying and probably needed. Minutes seemed to go by like hours. You never moved, never squirmed or shifted. I should have just marveled in the sculpture of your body that laid in a pose that was soft yet strong, more beautiful than masters took pains to chisel out of marble.

It wasn’t enough just to take in the sight of you. You seemed to be unaware of my fingers sliding ever so delicately up the flesh of your thighs, languishing over the softness of your skin and your firm but rested muscles. I doubted you would mind if I indulged in you this way without you being aware.

I gently roused your shaft from its slumber. It stretched and stiffened to attention while the rest of your body lay motionless. The transformation felt magical in my hands. Somehow I figured this had to feel good in some deep part of your dormant consciousness. Seeing and feel your cock unfurl was like watching a flower blossoming. It wasn’t long until my tongue sought the dewiness of the sweet nectar that sprang from your tip. As I clasped my lips around the top of your shaft, you shifted onto your back, stretched your legs out, splayed them just a bit, and let out a soft murmur from behind a smile that was just awakening.

Your breathing got fuller and deeper with each breath matching every stroke of my lips as they went up and down on your shaft. We are totally in sync even though you hadn’t yet opened your eyes. I no longer felt selfish for feasting on you. The more I enjoyed the taste of you on my tongue, the more your cock filled my mouth. A deep, rumbling revved from the back of your throat that modulated higher and lower, faster and slower with each swirl of my tongue and every pucker of my mouth. Your hips began to shift and sway as if they were rolling on a sea of a peaceful ecstasy.

I loved the way you grew and hardened on my lips, in my mouth and in my hand. There was something very magical in the way that you responded by probably not even knowing you were responding. You lay there somewhat restful, but I swore I could feel something tensing, stirring and building up deep inside of you. The more if felt it, a pre-trembler of sorts, the more urgently and fervently I manipulated your cock with my mouth and my hands every way I could to unleash that blast of power I knew just had to eventually break loose like the way waves whip around on the lake and crash against and over a seawall in a violent thunderstorm.

I felt like a wizard, a Merlin of sorts, creating this perfect storm inside of you, this intense sensory overload that left part of you sleepily incapacitated yet you seemed to want to hold onto this power that was tensing every muscle in your body for as long as it could. The more you braced yourself, the harder I stroked the base of your cock and sucked on your shaft tightly and mercilessly. When my tongue and my mouth just couldn’t find a way to make your cock erupt, they found their way to licking and taking in your balls that filled and backed up with the tenderest suckles and the softest licks.

There you were, thrashing and throttling. Your dick was unbreakable and unbendable with almost a superhuman might. I wondered how the delicate skin on your shaft could sustain the hardness that felt like a solid steel rod in my hands that I pumped vigorously. At that point, I swore I could see the flashes of light and color I was sure were ripping through your mind a thousand miles an hour in every direction as you were about to come.

“Come on, baby!” I cried. “Show me how you can come! I want to feel you come all over me!”

I could almost time it … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1.

You came with a shout that was like a primal cry in a voice that almost wasn’t yours. Your hot and slick juice erupted all over my belly, my hips, the tops of my legs. I was amazed at how much came out of you and thickly coated our skin. All I could think to do was to spread it all over, especially all the way up to my breasts and nipples. I wasn’t sure what made you happier – the way you came or the way I rubbed your cum all over my skin.

The whiter sunlight set off a sparkle in your eyes that were just beginning to open. Without saying a word, I leaned up to embrace your body that felt warmer than the sun that brightened the room. Our lips yearned for kisses. Our arms and legs wrapped around each other, trying to find a way for the two of us to share that same feeling again in a wide-awake dream state.

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