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Get Bit by the Love Bug – African Fly

AGWDM get bit by the love bug african flyThere are all-natural products on the market that do nothing and some that do some wonderful things for your sex life. African Fly is one of the latter. It’s about knowing what those ingredients are, how they work on your body, and how to use them safely and responsibly.

African Fly is a liquid elixir made from a combination of eight herbs and spices that boost, maintain and enhance testosterone production. Testosterone is the “drive” in sex drive for both men and women. Testosterone (as well as estrogen) is produced in the body, but it’s also produced by and absorbed from certain foods we eat.

Men have more testosterone than women, but testosterone levels tend to fall as men age – about 1% per year from the age of 25 — which diminishes sex drive. When sex drive goes down, so does the ability to get and maintain quality erections, although other medical conditions can be a factor in erectile dysfunction. In addition to fueling sex drive in men, the testosterone boost in African Fly can increase erection fullness and hardness up to 30% and maintain erections for a longer period of time. Testosterone won’t make an erect penis longer, but it will make the head look and feel larger. The bigger veins will deliver more sensations for both men and their partners. It also helps men recover from and get ready for the next round of sex much quickly.

In women, testosterone-producing and enhancing properties in African Fly allows women to fantasize about sex more often, relax sexual inhibitions, give off stronger sexual urges, want sex to last longer, and increase vaginal lubrication. It will also create more intense and bring on multiple orgasms. Like with men, testosterone also makes women more sensitive to touch, especially in her erogenous zones. And, no. ladies, the testosterone produced by taking African Fly won’t lower your voice, make you grow hair where you don’t want it, or give you many muscles. As a food product, African Fly cycles through and out of your body through the digestion system like anything else you eat.

So what are these testosterone-rich herbs and spices in African Fly and what do they do?

AGWDM african fly bottleCinnamon: Encourages increased digestion and increases the potency of the other ingredients in African Fly.

Cola nut: Boosts energy levels, increases stamina and enhances the sexual experience.

Cloves: Improves the absorption of the ingredients in African Fly and has a history of being an aphrodisiac in China and Sweden.

Ginger: Calms excess nervous tension, stimulates circulation (especially in male and female genitals), and has a strong reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Nutmeg: Used in many countries as an aphrodisiac and increases and extends sexual stamina.

Yohimbe: Enhances sexual prowess, amplifies erotic sensation and increases libido and stamina.

Sarsaparilla root: Restores male and female sexual systems and has been used throughout the ages to treat impotence and frigidity.

Damiana: Restores male and female sexual systems and has been historically used to combat impotence and frigidity.

I doubt if any of us eat any of these food products often enough or in the quantities required to supercharge our sex drives. In the condensed liquid form in African Fly, all you need to do is take two dropperfuls for it to get absorbed into your bloodstream quickly. You can even mix it in your beverage of choice. You should notice the effects in about an hour.

So, are you ready to get smitten and bitten by this love bug?

AfricanFly-250x250This post is brought to you by African Fly. Information and opinions about this topic are genuinely my own.