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Getting Flirty with Panties

AGWDM getting flirty with pantiesI love pretty, sexy panties. They make me feel empowered. Not just sexually, but also in my confidence when I want to look my best or when I go into a business meeting and have to be in control. No one knows they’re there, but I do. They put me in a totally different state of mind.

On the other hand, I love comfort. Panties are like my second skin, and I want to feel as comfortable in them as I do in my own skin. I don’t want anything that’s going to slip from my waist or off my hips or feel like they’re riding up my butt or the slit of my labia. Sometimes fabrics aren’t all that comfortable or breathable. Those are the problems with a lot sexy panties I’ve gone through.

My everyday panties? I love them, but meh … not the stuff I want to wear on a sexy date night or weekend lover’s getaway.

But what if I could have both, sexy and comfortable panties?

So when Lovehoney asked what I wanted to review from their huge selection of products, I couldn’t have been more curious about its collection of Flirty panties. They looked sexy and suitable for everyday wear. So they sent me their Flirty Indigo Blue Lace Thong and Flirty Pink Lace Boyshort so I could give them a try.

Voila! Problem solved!

AGWDM lovehoney blue thong back

I’ve never been a big fan of thong panties, mostly because of the butt floss factor. But not with the Flirty Lace Thong. Absolute comfort all day long! I really the cotton-covered elastic waistband that lies just below the hip and doesn’t pinch into my skin or keeps falling down all day long. And that band of lace that runs along my midsection – gorgeous!

AGWDM flirty thong front

There’s nothing boyish about the Flirty Boyshort. Full lace coverage that wears more like a bikini. It doesn’t come up too high toward the waist and leaves enough cheeky view of the cheeks. The top and bottom of the boyshort are finished off with a pretty scalloped edge.

AGWDM boyshort front

AGWDM boyshort back

I love, love LOVE the colors on both of these panties! Both the pink and indigo blue are saturated and vibrant with just a subtle hint of sheen. I love the lace just as much. They have a pretty floral pattern that has and maintains just the right amount of stretch without giving out. It’s soft, not scratchy.

The sizing was just right. I normally wear a Size 10 pant and the M/L were perfectly comfortable.

My Flirty panties definitely passed my wash test. I didn’t hand wash them as they recommended, but I did wash them in cold water in the delicate cycle in the washing machine and hung them to dry. They definitely held their shape. Since they’re 90% nylon and 10% Spandex, the colors didn’t bleed in the wash and I assume they’ll maintain their vibrancy for a long time to come. .

The boyshort and the thong aren’t the only options in the Flirty collection. They also come in G-string and bikini styles. Most of the styles come in white, black, blue (turquoise) and purple as well as pink and indigo blue.

No need to choose just one pair. At $8.99-$11.99 a pair or three for $25, you can pick and choose enough pairs to be sexy every day of the week! They’re definitely a product I endorse!