Date Night

Getting Oiled Up for a Night of Fun

Kama Sutra’s Oil of Love turned 45 years old this year. I was 5 when it came out. It was something I didn’t notice until a few years later when my mother’s favorite pastime was dragging me, my brother and sister in and out of hippie gift shops. They were usually dark, mysterious, smelled like a sweet and smoky blend of jasmine and patchouli, and filled with colorful clothing, candles and pottery. Many of them carried Kama Sutra products. Even though I had no concept of what sex was, I had the idea that their products were all about some kind of sacred, touchy-feely spiritual thing that naked people did. I was intrigued.

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago. Parrot and I just got in from an adult Disneyland kind of day. We did some hot role playing in the morning. We had the automobile equivalent of a roller coaster ride up and down the mountains on Highway 1, driving through redwood forests one minute and looking down on the rocky ocean coast the next. We wandered through the gift shops, galleries and gardens of Mendocino. We had a lunch and dinner of heathens.We were both in a giddy mood.

“Let’s try something new,” I suggested as we got undressed.

I hauled out three bottles of Oil of Love that Kama Sutra had sent me – Passionate Peach, Vanilla Crème and Tropical Mango.

“What do we do with this?” Parrot asked.

I had it all planned out. A few days before our trip, I found some articles on male and female erogenous zones. It had been some time since we explored our bodies to discover parts of that pleased us. At the time, we didn’t do much of it with our lips and tongues. Aside from the obvious places on the body (lips, earlobes, nipples, toes and genitals), I never considered kissing and licking places like the nape of the neck or behind the knees as something that was fun or enjoyable. It doesn’t take long for the tongue to feel like sand paper when it rubs against bare skin.

But Oil of Love changed all that It wasn’t so much the genuine taste of mango that got me enthusiastic about exploring the nape of his neck with my tongue, but how pleasing it felt to have my tongue glide along the sweet, flavorful and oily liquid in that slight indentation. It was as pleasing for me as it was for him. When Parrot sampled the Vanilla Crème (his favorite flavor of the three) in the back crook of my knee, more of the fun was in the way he diligently “cleaned up” what dripped down the back of my thigh. Not my inner thigh, but the back of my thigh. A purely accidental erogenous discovery!

I had forgotten about Oil of Love’s warming properties until I was rubbing and licking it on Parrot’s nipple.

“Oooh! That’s warm.” he said.

So what’s a girl to do? Keep at it. After all, the Passionate Peach is pretty tasty. It’s about as tasty as hearing how he was responding to it.

“You know, you could make a game of this, like find the flavor,” he said. “Put a couple of drops of it on some random erogenous zones and have your lover find them.”

“Or use the dropper to paint designs with dots and curlicues,” I said as I started dabbing and licking a peach-flavored pattern off his chest.

Then I remembered how Oil of Love feels tingly when you blow on it. That “zing” feels like a jump start on the nipples.

Then he put a few drops of the Vanilla Crème on his lips and tongue and kissed me. That slick, sweet and juicy fusion of peach and vanilla made for the most succulent and passionate kiss that we shared all weekend. There’s a reason why it’s called Passionate Peach.

Let’s just say what happened afterward was neither sacred nor spiritual.

Just a couple of practical notes about Kama Sutra Oil of Love – It’s not a massage or bath oil. It’s technically not an oil at all. It’s a water-based potion that’s designed for oral play. Glycerin and propylene glycol are what give Oil of Love its oily, slippery consistency. If you’re thinking that combination of ingredients sounds like Oil of Love can double as a lubricant, it doesn’t.

Oil of Love does get a little oily and sticky, especially if you get it in your hair. Like a water-based personal lubricant, it eventually absorbs into the skin and we didn’t notice any of it rubbing onto the sheets. However, when it drips directly on the sheets, it will leave spots that wash away easily. If you’re really fussy about getting messed up or making a mess with Oil of Love, this product probably isn’t for you. As far as I’m concerned, you have to bathe and do laundry anyway. Getting cleaned up was the furthest thing from my mind when we were having fun with Oil of Love.

Oil of Love also comes in Sugared Berry, Strawberry Dreams, Raspberry Kiss, Coconut Pineapple, Forbidden Apple and Original.

AGWDM products I endorseI fully disclose that Kama Sutra Co. paid to sponsor this post. It also provided products for my familiarity of them for a sponsored post. This post was not intended to be a review of the products nor was I paid to say nice things about them. I honestly endorse Kama Sutra’s Passionate Peach, Vanilla Creme and Tropical Mango Oil of Love based on our actual experience with them as journaled in this post and for the overall quality of the products. My Products I Endorse  label is one that I absolutely cannot be bribed, persuaded, tortured or even threatened with death to attach to any product.


This post is brought to you by Kama Sutra. Information and opinions in this post and about the company and its products are purely my own.