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Guest Post: An Affair in Sext Messages

AGWDM an affair in sext messagesToday, I’m letting Parrot take the reins of my blog. His story is based on an actual text conversation we had the other night, which blew us out of our minds. It inspired him to write a story about it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I.

And, yes, I’m a damn lucky woman to have a man in my life who can sext AND write like this!



My phone vibrated once in my pocket— a text message. I resisted the temptation to look at it. I was suffering through an interminable sales presentation. Another five minutes, and I’d be free.


Another message. Now I was curious. Two minutes to go, maybe three. Five, tops.


Ah! The end was in sight; let me OUT of here! It was nearly 5 o’clock in the afternoon and I was eager to get home, get into shorts and a T-shirt, and enjoy a martini.

Now the meeting was breaking up and I was eyeing the door, hoping nobody would buttonhole me and delay my escape.

Success! Out the door, almost to the parking lot. I pulled out my phone, squinting in the late afternoon glare.

Hey baby! Whatcha doing?

It was Bobbie. Pictures of her had been hopping into my mind all afternoon.

I’m trying to figure out what I want you to do to me next week. … the second text had followed just a few seconds after the first.

I want to have my way with you every way possible.

We had planned a weekend together. We live 2,000 miles and three time zones apart, and the times we spend are always a celebration. I was about to type a response when the phone vibrated in my hand again.

A photo. I tapped the icon. She was reclined on her bed, nearly naked. She was wearing only a dress shirt I had left there a year before. She always “forgot” to send it back to me. The shirt was open, showing her breasts. Her legs were slightly apart, inviting me. She looked at the camera through heavy-lidded eyes. I knew that look well. I unlocked my car and got in, still staring at the image. Out of the direct sun, the photograph she had just sent me was more vivid, almost three-dimensional.

When have I ever denied you anything? I typed, then tapped the SEND button.

I enlarged the selfie. I could almost feel the warmth of her skin.

I want our hands all over each other … to feel your skin and your body against mine.

I wanted that, too. I looked up hoping none of my colleagues had noticed me staring so intently at my phone. Or the growing bulge in my pants.

That would be lovely! I typed.

Ten more days, and we’d be together.

I love the way your hand travels between my legs…the way my lips start to tingle even before your fingers even touch them.

She wanted to dominate the conversation this time. She was rolling with her fantasy. We both knew it would be very real in 10 days time.

So my legs open wider … inviting your fingers to explore, caress…

I quickly typed, …which I love doing! I wanted to her to know she had my full attention.

Basking in the slow softness of their strokes … and the slickness that’s meeting your fingers … inviting you to delve deeper.

I love making you so wet! I typed.

The response came back immediately:

You DO, darling! You do!

At that moment, sitting in my car, I wanted nothing more than to rush home, rip my clothes off, and call her. But home was 20 minutes away, and there was no way I was going to interrupt these delicious moments.

I am slowly stroking your slippery lips, I typed. My fingers brush against your clit, teasing.

I was starting to breathe harder, remembering the last time we had been together — a long, indulgent afternoon spent naked, listening to music, pleasuring each other.

And when you come inside me, I want the way we’re joined together to last as long as possible.

As I read her text, I thought of the languid times we had spent in each other’s arms, caressing, kissing; joined in both bodies and minds, enjoying each other’s most private, secret places.

I am so wet for you!

I knew she wasn’t making that up. I pictured her lying on her bed, touching herself, feeling her own slick pussy. I wanted more than anything to be with her at that moment.

Where are you now? She typed. Are you home yet?

I’m sitting in the parking lot with a huge erection, I typed.

My phone chimed as I was typing. I tapped the icon.

She was on her bed, her legs splayed wide. She had turned all her lights on, so the image was sharp and clear. She had arranged her phone’s camera on a tripod for the best angle and set the self-timer. She was pleasuring herself with a pink vibrator. I knew that toy quite well — she had used it on me more than once. She had inserted it halfway into her pussy. Her other hand caressed her breast. How I wanted to have my hands on her right then!

I looked around. The parking lot was deserted. I unfastened my belt and pulled my pants to my knees. My hard cock leapt into the air. There were small drops of pre-cum glistening on the tip. I took a photo and sent it to her with the caption, See what you’re doing to me, woman??

We had talked about dick pics; she has established a reputation as a writer of erotica and a sex educator, and has received more than her share of unsolicited, unwelcome graphic photos from male admirers. She appreciates pictures of me, though. Exchanging explicit images has been part of our erotic repertoire for as long as we have been together.

The slickness meeting your fingers invites you to delve into me deeper.

I love making you so wet, I type.

You do, darling! You DO!! My mind and my body are so open to all the pleasures you bring me … I want this time to last as long as possible.

My heart rate increases as I think of our times together. I know she is thinking the same thing. Our minds are joined over the miles.

I am slowly stroking your slippery lips, I type. My fingers are trembling. My fingers brush against your clit, teasing.

And when you come inside of me, I want the way we’re joined together to last as long as possible.

I am buried inside you. We hardly move, just reveling in the feeling of being so intimately joined.

A few moments’ pause, then…

Yes! Yes!! Oh YES! I love how our bodies move in sync.

I see us together, holding each other, intimately connected. I look down, see my hard penis twitching slightly with my heartbeat.

I love the way you fill me inside. And how you arouse me to the deepest core in my body.

I knew she was as aroused as I was. Her texts were coming faster and faster.

I wish I could explain what that feels like…It goes beyond the way your cock totally fills me.

I was with her at that moment. Our bodies were locked in the most intimate embrace possible. I was desperate to touch her, to feel her hands and mouth on me.

I push your legs apart…and put my mouth full on your wet pussy…

I closed my eyes and remembered. I was sure she was doing the same.

My tongue moves along your lips… Darting in and out of you.

A long pause, then: YES!

You open your legs wider for me. I cup your ass cheeks and lift you up to my mouth.

I waited for a response. Had she fallen asleep? Not likely. Neither one of us had ever fallen asleep at times like this. I thought of her, balanced on the precipice of orgasm, holding there. I felt my own climax lurking in the background, even though I hadn’t so much as touched myself. Daylight had faded. I was thankfully alone in the parking lot.

I need to feel you inside me. All the way. Deep. NOW!

I needed so badly to be inside my lover. I also wanted this to last as long as possible.

I hold myself over you, looking down at you. I barely move my cock along your lips. You spread your legs wider, invitingly.

You know I’m gonna push my hips up toward you.

I felt the tension rising from deep in my bowels. Clear liquid was seeping from my penis in a constant stream. I wondered how much longer I could hold back.

I love the way your pussy feels so ready for me.

Her answer came back quickly: So wet. So warm.

I sat in my car in the half light, feeling her body and mind enveloping me. I knew she was doing the same. The tension kept building inside me. I was reaching a peak. Several minutes passed.

My phone vibrated in my hand: I love that feeling when you’re all the way inside of me and have me totally filled.

It was as though she had reached across the miles with mouth, hands and pussy. The hot electricity of orgasm took over. I shuddered and cried out as hot spurts shot from my cock. I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling her energy surrounding me.

At some points I feel as if I feel the way you do as if we have one mind. So connected.

I swear I heard her loud cries as she climaxed along with me. This was now our post-coital afterglow. I wished we could have fallen asleep in each other’s arms, as we always do when we are together. I sat in my dark car, feeling my breathing and heartbeat returning to normal.

We don’t always speak at times like these. It seemed entirely right to sit quietly together, separated by 2,000 miles, yet connected as intimately as two people can be.

My phone buzzed.

Good night, baby. xoxoxo

Good night my love, I typed. XOXOXO

I tucked my phone into my shirt pocket, started the car and drove home, smiling.

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