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High Heels Take Sexiness to New Heights

Most of places we go out don’t usually call for me calling attention to myself in provocative ways. He really doesn’t get that turned on by high-heel shoes. He doesn’t notice them on me or any woman; he’s just focused on getting me and the two of us naked. Since we only see each other about once every two months, it’s hardly worth the expense. I’d rather spend what little disposable income I have on other things we both enjoy when we’re together. When he’s not around, I really don’t have any occasions or needs to buy or wear them. I do have one pair that serves the purpose.

There’s nothing wrong with any of those reasons to forego indulging my love for high heel shoes. None of those reasons are deal breakers for me. We have (had?) an incredibly fulfilling sex life in so many other ways.

But still, a woman still can lust and covet sexy high heel shoes, right?

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Aside from being a fantasy fashion junkie, there are other reasons why I love high heel shoes.

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High Heel Shoes Make Legs Look Longer and Slimmer
I’m pretty lucky that I have long, slender legs. I love showing off my legs. It’s empowering, especially when I wears short skirts, sexy stockings or longer, slender pencil skirts. Since I’m only 5 feet, 2 inches tall and don’t have an hourglass figure, I use my legs to my advantage. When I wear high heel shoes, I feel like I’m in control and am boss. Plus, high heels stretch and elongate my calves. It gives my legs a much different and sexier look than when I’m barefoot or wearing flats.

High Heels do Wonders for Posture
When I wear high heel shoes, my back is straighter. I naturally throw my shoulders back and my breasts stick out a bit more. I need all the help I can use in that department.

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Okay, so high heels really aren’t that good for your body alignment, but they’re a quick and temporary sex-me-up fix.

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My Walk is Sexier in High Heel Shoes
Letting a woman walk through a door or up stairs before or in front of a man is not just good manners. I can’t think of a man who doesn’t enjoy watching a woman’s back side. In high heel shoes, I’m fully aware that my hips and butt have a nice little shift and give me a gazelle-like stride in my legs when my heels are raised.

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Curves, Baby. Curves.
Curves on a woman are sexy, even the curves on the foot when I or just about any woman slips on a pair of stiletto shoes. That’s probably the No. 1 reason so many men have high heel shoe and foot fetishes.

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High Heel Shoes are Just Plain Damn Sexy
For whatever reason women or myself like wearing sexy clothes, shoes themselves complete the look and look damn sexy on their own.

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I Don’t Wear High Heels for the Benefit of Other Men, But…
And, yes, lots of men think high heels on women are damn sexy. Even if guys don’t pay attention to the style of the shoes themselves, they’re paying attention whether a woman is wearing them in public or in the bedroom.