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Hot Hotel Sex

Being in a long-distance relationship involves some travel. In our travels we’ve stayed in some fantastic places. Even when we’re not doing the vacation thing, we’ve gotten in the habit of spending a night in a hotel mostly because the ride from the airport to my place is about an hour away in good traffic.

Even though we don’t have to steal away to a secret place, there’s something sneaky, naughty and exciting about hotel sex. It makes me feel as if I’m off to meet up for a tryst. Just standing at his side when we check in at the front desk makes me feel as if the clerk is wondering, “Is she not his wife? Is she a call girl?”

The call girl fantasy has always been a favorite of mine ever since I read La Salope (The Slut) years ago in which a man receives a surprise visitor in his hotel room on a business trip. I’ve tried my best to play this scene with my lover. Neither of us have ever had the self-control to pull it off, but maybe it’s that combination of being in a hotel and feeling beyond insatiable that puts me in a wilder state of mind.

This past weekend was no different. As soon as we put our bags down we quickly got to the business of holding, touching and kissing each other in a way that would have not been appropriate when I picked him up at the airport. I was fully well aware I was pulling off a strip tease backlit by the nightstand lamps in front of the sheers of the window overlooking a freeway seven stories below. I intentionally shimmied off my skirt and bent down to pull my stockings off in a way for him not to notice or care. By the time I had him undressed, there wasn’t enough mental capacity between either of us to notice or care where we were except that a California king-sized bed was only steps away.

When we finished the first time, I made a point of mentioning that our escapade was on display for the outside world even though he mentioned, “I’m sure no one going by at seventy miles an hour could see anything.”

For me, the point was that it was something that we couldn’t do at home. So was ignoring the knock at the door the next morning when a too-efficient cleaning woman came to our room before check-out. But, yes, we asked her to come back later as soon as we heard the door open.

Some of the other things I enjoy about hotel sex are that I can be unapologetic about coming and gushing as much as I want without having to worry about cleaning the sheets. I love how he has a knack for finding places that are a lot more luxurious than home, especially if there’s a deep soaking or Jacuzzi tub, that makes sexy time feel a lot more decadent. Plus, we can also be as loud as we want and not censor the sounds that come out of us when we’re in the throes of passion. We’ve often wondered if we’ve been entertainment or inspiration for our anonymous neighbors. We’ve also joked that if hotel management or security had to ask us to keep things down that it would be a whole lot less embarrassing (if not a thrill) than if one of my neighbors complained, or worse, called the police. Neither has happened, but the former is on my bucket list.

Realistically, is hotel sex better than sex at home? No, but there’s definitely a different state of mind. It’s also been inspiration for a number of stories and posts that you might want to check out.

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