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How Does Debra Play Her Hand in Part 2 of Escape to Sin City?

Without giving away too much about what happens in Escape to Sin City – Part 1: Debra’s Flight, Debra takes some time out for herself in Las Vegas to get out from being trapped and her responsibilities and seemingly glamorous high profile life. If she wasn’t so wound up already, she meets a man who winds her up even tighter and spins her loose — but he’s not out for just an easy lay.

In Escape to Sin City – Part 2: Debra Plays Her Hand, the man Debra meets in Vegas gives her a provocative challenge. Double his money and she gets to have a way with him. Come up short and he gets to have his way with her.

Of course the odds are against her, but she’s determined to take on his challenge regardless of which way the chips fall.

Escape to Sin City – Part 2: Debra Plays Her Hand is all about pushing boundaries, not just for my characters, whom I’ll sure you’ll love, but for me as an erotica writer. I’d love for you to give this a read and give me some ideas of how you’d like to see this series go in Parts 3, 4 and beyond.