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How Does Your Secret Garden Grow? – Hanging Naked Man Orchid

AGWDM naked man orchid

Of course I had to find out more about the Hanging Naked Man Orchid as soon as I saw a picture of it!

AGWDM hanging naked man orchid 2The Hanging Naked Man Orchid is also known as an Italian Orchid or Orchis Italica. Unless you live in the Mediterranean, you’re not likely to see it growing in a neighbor’s or public garden. It needs to grow in a specific climate and geographic region. It grows in very wet and chalky soil with lots of limestone and fungus in scrubby, open woodland (preferably where lots of pine trees grow) and grassland areas at an altitude of about 1,300 feet. It will only be able to bloom properly and fully if it remains under partial shades. It typically blooms in March and April.

The Hanging Naked Man Orchid comes in many different colors like different shades of pink, white, purple and even yellow. It grows in clusters and in many different sizes.

Ironically, this species of orchid is a hermaphrodite. It has both female and male organs. It pollinates and propagates with the help of insects.

Since the time of the Roman Empire, many believed that if a plant is in a shape of a body organ, then it can provide relief to any problem persistent in that organ, like male virility. It’s also been used as an aphrodisiac. The Hanging Naked Man Orchid is also known to have anti-flatulent and properties and helps in smoothing the skin.

AGWDM salepThe Hanging Naked Man Orchid is also quite a delicacy. It has tuberous root which is full of nutrition. The root can be dried and made into flour called salep that’s like arrowroot. This powder or flour is known as salep (or sahlep). It’s sometimes used as an alternative to coffee in Turkey and the Middle East.

Because of its use for making Turkish beverages and desserts and other uses in other countries, the Hanging Naked Man Orchid has a “threatened status”. Because of this status, it’s illegal to export pure salep from regions in or near the Mediterranean or harvest the plant in its wild habitat.

Ah, damn! Looks like my chances of having a bouquet of these flowers, eating or drinking from their roots, or using them for medicinal or aphrodisiac purposes is basically zero. Guess I’l have to settle for the pretty pictures.

For those of you who still aren’t convinced that orchids are sexy, I think this guy would disagree.

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