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How to Open a Chat on a Casual Sex Dating Site

AGWDM how to open a chat on a casual sex dating siteMore women prefer casual sex dating than ever before. You can find them on sites like Casual Sex Liverpool ( and Casual Sex Manchester ( However, the proportion of men still far outnumbers women.

Why, you ask?

Because a lot of guys sabotage their chances of hooking up with a sexually evolved woman by acting like 13-year-old boys, men who are 23 or 30 years old or even older. They think and act like casual sex means that they can throw their formal manners out the door. They approach women rudely, crudely and lewdly before they even get a sense of who a woman is as a person or ask for consent or permission to talk dirty. Behavior like that is classless and immature. No woman wants to be with a guy like that.

For the most part, women who are into casual sex lead pretty normal, everyday lives just like men who are on casual sex dating sites. They don’t want to hook up with just any random guy who is available. They’re not female porn stars or models who get paid to play characters on screen or pose for pictures. They aren’t sex workers who are putting themselves out there for free. And women like them shouldn’t be treated less than respectfully than you would a sister, female cousin or coworker, either.

The moral characters of women on casual sex dating sites aren’t any different than a lot of guys who are on them, so why treat them less well than you would want anyone to treat you? They likely want the same things as the guys – adventure, a thrill, a lark, to be desired, to do something daring or different, to have sex with someone they don’t know or is unlike any other man they’ve been with, or to take the boredom out of their sex lives … or lack of sex lives.

Remember that casual sex or any kind of sex goes beyond two interlocking body parts. It’s also the connection between minds and personalities. Sex, even sex between two people who don’t want to make things personal, romantic, committed or permanent, still requires likability, desirability and chemistry.

Also, keep in mind that online casual sex dating does not mean on-demand sex dating. None of the women on casual sex dating sites owes you a quick, easy and convenient lay. Who she beds is just as much her decision as it is yours.

Understanding and respecting women who and why they are into casual sex dating is the first thing a guy should know before he initiates a chat about the possibility of hooking up or becoming fuck buddies. It will also help men increase their chances of taking those chats from online and hopefully and eventually into the bedroom.

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