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How to Speed Things Up with Online Dating

AGWDM how to speed things up with online datingSex personals online dating sites like Sex Personals Gold Coast ( and Sex Personals Canberra ( can be a great way to meet a hookup partner. However, where a lot of people mess up and get frustrated is the transition from making that first initial online contact to skin-to-skin contact.

Sex Personals Dating Sites are a Great Way to Make Initial Contact, but That’s It
I’m all for meeting prospective hookup partners in person as soon as possible. Spending cumulative hours and days over online chats, texts and phone calls is a lousy way to get to know someone you want to meet for real-life, in-person sex. I’m not saying that the goal of meeting someone in person is for instant, on-demand sex, but meeting someone in person is a much better way of getting to know and evaluate someone who’s on the other side of the screen. At a minimum, you’ll get to know if the person you’re chatting with is the same person they portray in their profile and messages. In the past, I’ve had guys who have totally misrepresented themselves in looks/photos, what they do for a living and age.

If someone can’t agree to meet with you in person within a week, move on. If they can’t, they’re either not serious about hooking up, playing games (only on online sex personals dating sites just to chat and perv over pictures), or covering up some other dodgy behavior.

Keep Your Initial In-Person Meeting Informal and Brief
Plan to meet for about an hour for a drink after work or for coffee on a weekend morning. This is generally enough time to get to know what someone is like and if you feel comfortable in moving forward with the next step. It also gives you and your potential fuck buddy a comfortable out if you know you aren’t interested in them or a day or two to think things over. If things don’t go beyond that first meeting, don’t take it personally. This kind of meeting is for your benefit to make that decision, too.

Meeting in a public place is a must for your safety. If possible, be the one to make plans to meet in their neighborhood. If they have a problem with that, it’s usually because they’re not being truthful about their relationship or marital status. Who needs that potential drama?

Meeting in Person Forces Honest Communication
Being able to talk about sex and being truthful with someone is just as important in finding a friend with benefits as it Is getting to know someone for long-term romantic relationship potential. It’s difficult for someone to be dodgy when you discuss or ask questions about things like relationship status and sexual health habits and history in person. It’s not fool-proof, but it’s easier to pick up a sense if things don’t seem quite right as opposed to someone who takes several minutes, hours or days to come up with a crafty or dishonest response in a text message. And, as I often say, if you can’t talk about sex, you have no business having sex. It doesn’t matter whether if it’s someone you’re hooking up with for a one-night stand or if you’ve been married for years.

Because You Really Can’t Assess Chemistry Over Texts and Chats
Texts and chats can get really supercharged, especially if you’re both fairly new to and anonymous with each other. Ultimately, that chemistry and sexual charge has to happen in person. Sometimes it doesn’t happen on your or the other person’s end. That’s why it’s better to meet and get to know someone in person with no expectation that sex will follow over a cocktail or a cup of joe.

The Follow Through (or Non-Follow-Through)
One of the other reasons I suggest meeting in person as soon as possible is to reduce the risk of feeling rejected. You spend less time in being emotionally invested in thinking that hooking up is a for-sure thing. If you’re just not feeling “it” after a drink, you can just say, “Thanks for meeting up with me. Have a nice day,” and move on.

If the person you met is someone you’d like to shag, leave the door open by saying something like, “If you’d like to get together, here’s how to reach me.” Some people need time to mull things over. If you don’t hear back from someone in a couple of days, it’s perfectly okay to follow through with one phone call or text message. If you don’t hear back, move on and try again. If things didn’t jibe with the other person, the sex you wanted wouldn’t have been that great. Leaving multiple messages or asking to know how come or why someone hasn’t gotten back to you won’t make things happen. You probably don’t want to know why anyway. It’s only one person’s feeling, vibe or opinion. It’s not an overall reflection if you are a desirable and worthy sex partner.

If things definitely click between the two of you, congratulations! Go forward and have fun!

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