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How to Stand Out on a Casual Encounters Dating Site

AGWDM how to stand out on a casual encounters dating siteSo you’ve decided to become a member of and put up a profile on a casual encounters dating site like Casual Encounters Liverpool ( or Casual Encounters Manchester ( or any other kind of dating site. Or maybe you’re already on a dating site and you think it’s not working out for you.

Your success on a casual encounters dating site lies in your hands. Just because you have a profile on a site doesn’t mean that prospective fuck buddies will automatically start rolling in. In fact, a lot of men’s profiles on casual encounter dating sites suck. So start un-sucking your profile!

Your Profile Name
Make your profile name clever and fun. Profile names like John1234 are fine but kind of boring. And just because you’re on a sex dating site does not mean it’s okay to come up with a name like 8Inches69. Names like that are immature and vulgar.

The Basic Information
Fill this out the fill-in-the-blank portion of your casual encounter dating site profile completely. When people are perusing profiles or checking out your profile to find out more about you after you’ve messaged them, they’re not going to reach out to you to find out more about you. They’ll either think your boring, not serious about hooking up, or think you’re a sketchy individual. Simply put, you haven’t given them a reason to find out more about you.

Secondly, be honest in your answers. If you went gray in the past few years, don’t say that your hair is brown, blonde or red. There’s a huge difference between “I can stand to lose a few pounds” and “I carry extra weight that’s the equivalent of a school-age child”. Smoking, drinking and recreational drug use can be big deals for some people, too. And be honest about your age. You’ll find that more people will turn you down because you were dishonest than being truthful about your age.

Most importantly, be honest about your relationship status. For example, if you’re married or have a significant other, that might be a no-go for some people but perfectly okay, if not preferred, for others.

Your Photos
The more photos you have in your profile, the better the chance you’ll have of making a connection with someone on a casual encounters dating site. I recommend including at least three photos – a head shot, a full body shot, and a sexy/provocative picture. My recommendation is to keep lingerie or underwear on for your sexy pics. Most women don’t want their first impression of a guy to be a dick pic and there are too many creepy guys who are just into collecting nude pics of women and sharing them online.

Be honest with your photos. Show pictures of the person you are today and not what you looked like five or 10 years ago. Doing that only wastes your time and time of the person you’re meeting to hook up.

The Written Q&A’s
Take the opportunity to differentiate yourself from others by writing a few sentences or a paragraph in the essay section. Telling something your work, hobbies, interests and accomplishments make you sound interesting and interesting even if those things really don’t matter in what you and your potential hookup partner do when you get together. Even if your last great accomplishment was breaking the record for eating the most bananas in your high school lunch room, hey, include that At least it’s a great conversation starter.

This is also a great opportunity to say what you’re looking for in a potential partner or in a casual encounter meetup or FWB relationship. If there’s something you must have in your sexual fun time or if there’s something you want to try for the first time, include this information, too.

Your Sexual Preferences
Be sure to check off all of the kinks you’re into in the sexual preferences section of your profile. If something’s not included or if you want to get specific about the type of kink play you’re into, include it I the written section of your profile.

It’s Not a Waste of Time
I’ve heard a lot of guys with incomplete casual encounter dating site profiles complain that filling out all this information takes too long, is a waste of time, or that they hate writing. But here’s another way of thinking of it: What’s the biggest waste of time? Spending an hour or so filling out a casual encounter dating profile or spending a night by yourself at home wanking off of porn?

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