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How to Tell Your Partner What You Love in Bed

AGWDM how to tell your partner what you love in bed 400This headline, How to Tell Your Partner What You Love in Bed, sounds like a really “Duh” statement, but it’s something that hadn’t happened or asserted for myself much in the past.

A lot of that had been my fault. I never spoke up. In some cases I was just happy to get laid or I was afraid of offending someone whose techniques or enthusiasm were lacking. Before, during and not long after my 12-year marriage, I honestly didn’t know what could be done or how awesome I could feel.

But sex should be spectacular. Great sex usually something that just happens. It should be an event whether you’re with someone for the first time or have been with someone for a number of years. It requires great communication skills as well as a wild sex drive or mastery of technical skills.

Telling Your Partner What You Love in Bed
If your partner is doing something and it’s not quite setting off bells and whistles, speak up. Guide him or her with your hand or just be verbally direct. Don’t be afraid to be direct by saying things like, “A little more rougher/gentle,” and follow up with, “Up/down a little bit … Faster/slower … Oh, yeah! That’s it! … More!” Praise and encouragement go a long way and your partner will come away with the thrill of knowing they did something really well. Nothing feeds the ego like the feeling of being a sex god or goddess.

When Your Partner Asks You What You Love in Bed
If you have a partner who asks what you like in bed, lucky you! Not everyone has a partner who takes pride in pleasing their sex mate. But don’t blow the opportunity by being too general with your answer (i.e. “I like oral sex.”). Be specific. If there’s a particular technique that sends you over the edge, tell your partner what it is and tell him or her how you like to have it done.

If you’re going to be with a partner for the first time, be prepared for the question. If the question doesn’t come up, don’t hesitate to offer the answer. You are entitled to great sex. It’s not a selfish thing to get what you want.

What if You Don’t Know What You Love in Bed
This situation is very common for people who are getting back into the dating and mating scene and had been with a lackluster lover or a lover with a limited repertoire. Check out articles on techniques or positions you might want to experience or have someone try. You can find lots of ideas in the Sex Tips and Tricks sections of the #AdultSexEdMonth Stories by topic pages for 2015, 2014 and 2013. Trying new things is fun, especially if they work out right. If trying something new isn’t cutting it, just move onto something else and don’t dwell on it. Not every technique or position out there is going to work or be a super-wow situation for everyone.

What if Your Partner Absolutely Refuses to Do Something You Love in Bed
There will always be times and people that refuse to do or try something you love in bed. Be direct in telling your partner why you a particular technique or position and get your partner to tell you why they don’t like doing something you like in bed. Sometimes people have had one bad experience with your idea, preference or suggestion. Sometimes it’s fear of doing or trying the unknown. You and your partner won’t know unless you talk about it. Depending on the feedback you get from each other, what you like might be something your partner might eventually be willing to try or think about. If what you like is an absolute no or a hard limit for your partner, it’s up for you to decide if this is something you can live without or if it’s a better to move on to a partner whose sexual interests are more in line with yours.

Getting what you love in bed isn’t selfish or unreasonable. It’s a rightful entitlement and ultimately makes sex more enjoyable for both you and your partner