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If I Was the Woman and You Were the Man – Cowboy Junkies

Back when this song came out in 1994, I always wished I had a man to share it with. It wasn’t until last month when my lover and I had a trip planned to the Santa Cruz area. He didn’t tell me many of the plans he made, but he did say that it would involve some beach time at Bonny Doon Beach, one of California’s best nude beaches. I couldn’t get the line from this song out of my head:

In the morning would I caress you
as the wind caresses the sand,
if you were the woman and I was the man?

I sent him the link to the song. He melted.

We did get to the beach, but it was on a day when the fog (AKA Nature’s Air Conditioner) rolled in — a bit too cool to do the au naturel thing. It really didn’t matter. It’s still one of California’s prettiest beaches, almost completely surrounded by cliffs.

Plus, I got to leave my mark right where the waves caress the sand.

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