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I’m a Sex Blogging Superhero!

Wow! What a way to wake up to find out that I’m a superhero. Not just any superhero. A sex blogging superhero!

About a month ago, the online sex magazine Kinkly put the call out for nominations for the Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013.

The staff’s intentions were more than noble. They were frustrated that they were scrubbed from Forbes’ search for its Top 100 Websites for Women. They got a ton of nominations, but they never appeared on the Forbes website. I suppose Forbes didn’t want to admit that women want to read and learn about sex.

Instead of seeking acclaim for themselves, the sweethearts at Kinkly wanted to get the word out about the best sex blogs on the Web. There were a lot of nominations … hundreds.

No one can imagine my surprise and delight that I made No. 9 on the list.

In addition to yours truly, I was thrilled to see several of my nominations got nods, too.

The Redhead Bedhead: She’s a smart and sassy sex educator and fierce advocate and supporter of sex-positive, female-friendly sex toy shops.

Smut for Smarties – Lady Cheeky: Elle Chase (AKA Lady Cheeky) is the grande dame of sex and smut. She’s as smart and sexy as she is bawdy and provocative.

Sex In Words: Jon Pressick is a wonderful source of sex news and information of all things straight, bi, gay, kink, fetish and poly. He was also a big, huge supporter of #AdultSexEdMonth. He even lent his time and talent to design the logo for the big event.

Walker Thornton: Walker Thornton is a wise and tireless advocate of proving that sex can be wonderful even beyond our youthful years. Find out more about Walker in Walker Thornton: It Gets Better After 50.

In Bed With Married Women: Jill Hamilton writes about sex in all its boring, strange, funny, smokin’ hot glory.

Fuckblogging: The married couple Venice and Ryan share their most intimate details about their sizzling sex life. Read more about Ryan in #ChivalryIsSexy: Ryan – The Male Half of Information Center: I’ve spent plenty of time developing, managing and editing corporate blogs, and Kelly, Emily and Wallace do a fantastic job of entertaining and educating people about safe and enjoyable sex. They were also big contributors of #AdultSexEdMonth.

Symone Kitty Nelson: Oh, can you say, “Meow!”? Symone offers some really fierce and fearless information on putting spice into sex.

William Quincy Belle: I’m a big fan of William Quincy Belle’s thoughtful and intelligent observations about sex in our society. He played a big role in promoting and sharing a lot of great information during #AdultSexEdMonth. I also thought he was worth profiling in my #ChivalryIsSexy campaign.

Needless to say, I have a lot of reading to catch up on over the next few days and weeks. I have no doubt that I’ll find more new favorite blogs.

Thanks for the recommendations, Kinkly!