Relationship Ramblings

I’m Number 14!

I usually wake up in the morning with thoughts of my lover Parrot on my mind, even when he isn’t with me. (He will be in six days!)

It’s an extra nice thought when I finally tumble out of bed, shower, grab breakfast and tea, turn on my laptop, and discover that someone thinks someone thinks that I’m doing something great with my blog.

Such was the case today when I learned that Rori of Between My Sheets named me a Top Sex Blogger of 2013. Number 14 of 100 as a matter of fact!

In a way, I was rather embarrassed. I didn’t know anything about Rori or her blog before this list came out. Naturally, I had to check it out.

I’m really impressed with Rori’s knowledge, thoughts and honesty about being a woman who loves sex and a submissive. I love her Masturbation Monday, Sexy Toy Deals and Tied-Up Thursday features.

What really impresses me about Rori is the time that she and her Dom took to read through all of the nominations for all of the sex bloggers nominated for this award. There were a lot of nominations. It was a lot of work for two people to take on in the name of getting the word out about good, quality sex-positive bloggers aside from Rori. I need to thank them for that. While I have plenty of favorite blogs I follow on a regular basis that I’ve found through recommendations, social media, and research for some of my posts, there are too many that don’t make it through cockblocking search engines.

I’m still trying to figure out who nominated me. I need to thank her/him/them, too.

It was nice to see some of my favorite blogs and bloggers on the list.

Elle Price (@Lady Cheeky), Smut for Smarties

Joan Price (@JoanPrice), Better Than I Ever Expected

Venice (@venicebloggs) and Ryan (@fuckblogging), Fuckblogging

PantyParade (@offgothepanties), Off Go the Panties

If you’re looking for some good D/s, BDSM and kink reads, this is an excellent resource!

Happy discovering, reading and perving!