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Justin Sayne About Leather

AGWDM justin sayne g elliot whitsonI have this thing about handcrafted BDSM gear. They’re nothing like the stuff you see in most sex toy shops unless you’re lucky enough to live near a leather/fetish shop. For me, things like floggers, slappers, cuffs and the leather, suede and hardware from which they’re made have to have as much sensuous appeal as the way they’re used.

So when I saw some pictures of some of the things that Justin Sayne has made, I fell in LOVE. Big time love! His stuff goes way beyond anything else I’ve ever seen before — elephant, alligator hides, elk and stingray hides. Really unique styling and designs.

AGWDM justin sayne alligator whips

AGWDM justin sayne black slapper

AGWDM justin sayne brown leather slapper

AGWDM elephant eel stingray flogger

AGWDM justin sayne purple blac cuffs

AGWDM justin sayne stamped suede flogger

Obviously, Justin is a leather craftsman first. He said he didn’t get into creating BDSM gear until his boss asked him to create some gear to bring the company into that line of business.

“I got the project of designing the new gear,” Justin says. “I eventually took over that end of the business, and, poof! Justin Sayne leather was born.”

As a leather craftsman, Justin definitely tapped into what I found so appealing about the gear he makes.

“I try make each design multi functional with several textures, rarely used species, and uses,” Justin says. “If they look great, people want to buy them. But if they work well, they actually get used. That’s the goal, really. Unique toys make people feel great. They make folks feel attractive. I try to see someone using the whole toy — front, back, and both ends. If they look great, feel great, and work great, ya got a winner.”

Aside from the fine and exotic hides Justin uses, I love the deep, rich and saturated colors he uses. Black is sexy, but the combination of colors, hides, designs and textures really set his gear apart from anything else out there.

AGWDM justin sayne blue

AGWDM justin sayne alligator whips colors

“Color is a big deal right now,” Justin says. “From new trends in flying flags, to simply breaking out the fashion, color seems to be here to stay. The leather market it’s self is offering so many more choices now as well. We have so much new color to choose from in the leather shops that has made getting colorful fun and affordable.”

So where do you find all this gorgeous gear? You really have to track down Justin himself.

“We sell direct to the people we serve, or through retailers in your area,” Justin says. “Feel free to call us at 928 583 4819 or keep an eye out on social media (Twitter – @MRJUSTINSAYNE, Facebook – Justin Sayne Leather) for our tour dates.”

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