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Look in the Mirror to Discover How to Get Laid More Often

AGWDM Look in the Mirror to Discover How to Get Laid More OftenNot all women on casual sex dating sites like Casual Sex Cambridge ( and Casual Sex Newcastle ( look like supermodels or porn stars.

And neither do most men.

The reality is that the types of people who are on casual sex dating sites look no different than the first 100 adults that walk into a department store. That goes for men as well as women. They’re of all ages and size. However, you can improve what you have and were born with to make yourself look more appealing to your potential casual sex partners.

1. Get a re-do on your hair-do. A lot of people get comfortable with a hair style they’ve had for the past 10 or more years. Keeping an old hair style doesn’t keep you looking young. It may age or date you. Resist the urge to go to the same person who’s been styling your hair for years. See a new hair stylist, preferably one with a good reputation, and tell him or her to sex you up.

2. Casual doesn’t mean sloppy. This is a typical fashion faux pas for a lot of guys, especially guys who expect women to dress super sexy. Casual doesn’t mean pulling out the first clean but wrinkled and crumpled shirt and pair of jeans you see in the hamper. Drop the wardrobe double standard!

Invest in a nice pair of jeans that fit well and flatter your body type. Get at least one nice looking shirt that’s not a T-shirt. Get a female friend or salesperson’s advice to see if she thinks the color and the style make you look your best. If you’re all about comfort, proper fitting clothes will feel comfortable.

Clean shoes that aren’t completely worn out matter. So do clean and tidy underwear. It won’t kill your budget to get a new pair of boxers or briefs to make a sexy first impression.

The woman you’re hoping to hook up will think you look hot if you dress for sexess, and you’ll feel sexier and more confident, too.

3. Bump up your workout routine. Guys, if you expect a potential hookup partner to have a hot body, what kind of shape are you in? Start or bump up your workout routine. You won’t just look more appealing, but being in good physical shape does wonders for your performance and stamina in bed.

4. Groom up on grooming. If you expect the woman you want to hook up with to be perfectly made up, be on top of your grooming standards, too. Be sure your hands, feet are clean and your fingernails and toenails are clean and trimmed. Dirty and rough fingernails can lead to vagnial and anal scratches that can lead to infections. Make sure the hair on your head, face, body and below the belt are trimmed. I can’t express the importance of a clean and trimmed genital area. Men’s junk gets a bit funky trapped in the confines of pants all day. Wash up before you sex up.

Taking a casual approach to your appearance in casual sex dating is not the way to be sexessful. If a woman’s looks matter to you, remember that women have a lot more choices of good looking men. You can be one of those lucky guys that gets lucky.

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