Making the Rounds in the Neighborhood

“Are they out yet?” Steve asked.

“Yes, finally,” I sighed.

I figured that we’d get the kids to bed early tonight. Today was the first day we had the pool open and the kids were in it all day. Brandon didn’t make it through the first three pages of James and the Giant Peach. Jacob barely kept his eyes and ears open toward the end of the first chapter.

I often joked that we bought our new house more for the pool than the house itself.

We had a ball with the kids all day long, but what Steve and I were really looking forward to the most was getting in for a moonlight skinny dip. It was all we talked about since we made the offer on the house last fall. It was the longest seven months we lived through.

Steve scooped me up and practically ran out the door and yelled, “C’mon, babe! Let’s go.” He ripped off my terry beach cover-up before he threw me in the pool. He cannonballed his big burly self right behind me in the deep end. Subtlety was not his strong point.

“Shhh!” I whispered. “I don’t want the neighbors to hear us!”

“Hear us?” he asked devilishly. “It’s not like you’re the quietest woman in the world.”

For effect, Steve rammed two of his mechanic’s hands fingers straight up to my G-spot. He knew he’d get a screech out of me. He kept prodding at my sponginess as he floated me toward the shallow end of the pool. There’s nothing quite like an express cruise to orgasm by having it done suspended in 10,000 gallons of 80-degree water.

As he prodded moan after growing moan out of me, his cock kept bobbing against my leg, giving it a knock-knock-knock to let me know that he was ready to come in. I grabbed it and stroked it but not too hard and not too quickly. I wanted him to enjoy the same kind of pleasure he was giving me for as long as possible.

I was barely into the second stroke when his head fell back, his eyes closed like he was dreaming, and moaned, “Ohh, baby … you do that so good …”


“Honey, I wish you’d turn the air on,” Pete said, lounging on the sectional without taking his eyes off the screen of his iPad.

It was warm in the house, but it felt nice having a fresh breeze waft in the house after being locked in all winter. The scent of lilacs filled my nose and led me toward the sliding patio doors at the back end of the great room. As I got closer, I could hear the sounds of splashing water and joyous laughter from our next door neighbor’s pool. They were in it all day. I wasn’t surprised that the frolicking went into the night. If we had a pool, I’d want to be in it as much of the first warm day, too.

The new hedge of lilacs along the side of the house was still rather short and hadn’t yet produced much of a privacy screen from the next door neighbor’s yard. I could see that it was just the husband and wife, Sue and Steve, floating and swirling around the end closest to our yard.

Wait … they weren’t just swimming in the pool. They were having sex!

I placed my ear up to the screen. I could hear Steve moan, “Ohh, baby … you do that so good …”

“Pam, please would you close the windows and …” Pete started to say.

“Pete, come here,” I whispered. “You have to see this!”

“What?” Pete said, still not taking his eyes off the iPad or getting off the couch.

“Whatever you’re looking at online, this is a lot better,” I said. “Trust me. Come here.”

Pete finally got up and walked toward the door wall with a “This better be good” look.

That look took a sudden change when I pointed toward Sue and Steve’s back yard.

“Mmm …” he said, wrapping his arm around my belly from behind and pulling close to his body. “Aren’t you being the kinky little perv?”

Pete’s body shifted and swayed behind me as we watched our neighbors pleasing each other in the water. I could feel his cock getting hard against my ass. He made a point of pressing it against me.

“So, should we go over there and join them?” he asked.

I reached behind me, gave him a quick swat on the ass, and said, “Very funny.”

This wasn’t the first or the hundredth time he’s talked about wanting mess around with another couple. It was a fun fantasy to talk about, but realistically I didn’t see it happening.

I didn’t swat him that hard, but it was enough for him to jerk forward and press his cock against me. His hands dropped just below my waist to unbutton and unzip my shorts.

“But isn’t this the closest thing?” he asked.

As Sue wrapped her legs around Steve to let him slide in, Pete’s hand came from underneath me to rub his finger on my clit.
I braced both of my hands on the frame of the door wall. I thought my legs were going to collapse.

I bucked up against Pete with the same rhythm as Steve and Sue as they were going at it. I wanted Pete inside of me, too, but I needed to get wet as fast as possible.

I lifted my bra off my boobs, grabbed Pete’s free hand, placed it on one of my plump, round breasts, and said, “Pinch my nipple. Now. Please.”

I didn’t think of being too demanding, but Pete was more than happy to oblige.

I felt Pete’s finger slicken with the first pinch. I demanded more, and more was what I got. His finger shot straight inside of me the moment I heard Sue cry out, “Oh! Oh! Ohmygod yes!”

Damn, she was a screamer, and I wanted to feel the same way she did. I bent and spread my legs for Pete to get inside of me.


I walked over to the window to pull down the shade before I got dressed for bed and turned on the TV. I wouldn’t have thought of looking out the window if it weren’t for seeing my neighbor behind my house sliding his dick in his wife from behind … in plain view, in front of their door wall with their living room lights on.

Holy shit. This was unreal. Two people fucking, my neighbors, right before my eyes.

I went from mindlessly going through the motions of my nightly routine to totally getting turned on. My dick felt like it was going to bust through my shorts the moment I saw him slide dick into his wife.

No, slide wasn’t the right word. He jammed it into her with a force I was sure would send her through the screen door.

I think his name was Pete. I didn’t know what her name was, but she had a mighty fine ass. It had that soft lift from the small of her back and a nice roundness at the top of her legs. It was almost as nice as my girlfriend Brenda’s.

It was just my luck that she wasn’t here tonight. A phone call would have to do.

She picked up on the first ring.

“Hey, whatcha doin’?” she answered.

“Watching my neighbors fuck,” I said.

“What?” she shrieked.

“Yeah, I mean it, I’m watching my neighbors fuck,” I said. “He’s bangin’ her from behind like a jackhammer right in front of their door wall.”

“Which neighbors?” she asked.

“Right behind me,” I said.

I couldn’t say anymore. I had to pull my dick out. It was going to hurt like hell if I didn’t.

“John, are you still there?” she asked.

“Umm … yeah,” I said whille tugging away and looking out the window. “I’m taking care of business. I wish you were here.”

“Are you serious?” she asked. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“Like I said, he’s fucking her from behind,” I said. “She’s holding onto the door wall for dear life … Hold on. Let me open the window so I can hear what’s going on.”

I could hear everything. I could hear every smack each time he spanked that cushy ass. She had the most incredible O face when she was crying, “Oh! Pete! Yesohyesohyes! Fuck me like a wench!”

Then I heard another voice a little farther off in the distance. It sounded like some kind of wild animal howl. It was a low, deep gravely sound. It couldn’t be a bear. They weren’t around here, but it certainly wasn’t a dog or a coyote.


The sound of Brenda’s voice broke my concentration.

“Yeah, I can hear them,” I said, getting an iron grip on my cock. “He’s smackin’ her ass. She’s screaming that she wants to be fucked like a wench, but there’s something else going on …”

Then I saw the couple next door to the couple I was watching. They were fucking in the pool. They were new neighbors, a big burly guy with a mustache and a smokin’ hot wife, blonde with a bodacious set of plump hooters bobbed up and down in the water. She was holding onto his shoulders for dear life as he was holding her up by her ass. Both of them were coming like crazy at the same time.

“Brenda,” I said, sounding like I was out of breath. “There are two neighbors fucking. There’s another couple in the pool next door.”

“You’re shitting me,” she said.

I didn’t expect her to believe me.

“No, I’m not,” I said. “This is too fucking crazy. My dick feels like a stone hammer. I can’t stroke myself hard enough.”

“John, is this some kind of cheap ploy to get me to have phone sex with you>” she asked, slightly annoyed.

“Swear to god, no, Sunshine,” I said. “I have more than all the inspiration to shoot my load right now. I’d rather wish you were here doing all kinds of crazy things with each other…”


Jordy and his friends were eating us out of house and home. There were four of them in the family room playing video games. First they cleaned up a square pizza. Then they made a tray of nachos. Now they were going through a bag of potato chips. A big bag of potato chips. A bag that I bought from Costco.

At this rate, I was never going to get out of the kitchen tonight, but in a way I didn’t mind. Jordy and his friends were good kids, and I’d rather have them here than who knows where.

As I finished loading the dishwasher, out of the corner of my eye I could see the neighbor in back of us to the left. He was standing at the window for the longest time, talking on the phone and looking out the window as if he was watching something.

Could he be?

No he couldn’t.

Yes he was.


My husband Jim walked into the kitchen.

“Hello, Earth to Cheryl,” he said.

I turned around. I felt a little embarrassed having him catch me looking out the window watching our neighbor shake his magic wand.

“Whatcha looking at?” he asked as he pulled a beer out of the fridge.

Do tell him about what I just saw or do I pretend that I didn’t see anything?

Yeah, I’d tell him. There was no sense in keeping secrets.

I mentioned for him to come to the window and whispered, “Look up there in that window, the one with the light on.”

“Oh my god,” he said in a burst of laughter. “You’d think he’d at least pull the shade and jerk his gherkin in private. Or that must be one hell of a $5-a-minute call worth showing off to the world.”

Jerkin’ his gherkin. The crack about phone sex. Jim certainly had a way of making me feel not so modest about sex. Between my private school upbringing and vocation as a full-time helicopter mom, I needed that from him every once in a while.

He pulled me away from the sink, placed my hand over his crotch, and said, “How about dillin’ my pickle?”

I looked over toward the family room and said, “We can’t. We’ve got a house full of kids here.”

“They’re not going to miss us,” he said, giving me a nudge with his secret missile that wasn’t so well hidden in his shorts. “Jordy would probably prefer that we weren’t around anyway.”

“They’ll miss us as soon as they want something else to eat,” I said.

“They’re 15,” Jim said. “They’re old enough to fend from themselves. If they can’t, they’re not going to starve. Besides, when was the last time we sneaked away to do the dirty when there were other people around?”

Jim knew that would get me. It was something we did often when we were dating and first married … In the coat room of his best friend’s engagement party. In the bathroom at one of his sister’s kids’ birthday parties. On the side of a garage at a friend’s pool party.

We raced each other up the stairs, slammed the bedroom door behind us, and ripped off our clothes before we mauled each other on the bed. We flipped each other over with force vying to get a taste of each other. He had me kneeling, standing, and laying on the edge of the bed trying to find a way to get inside of me as deep as he could.

I was in another world. I wasn’t even aware that we had a bunch of teenage boys downstairs. I didn’t think of us being in our bedroom. I was someplace far away outside of my suburban housewife world. All I could see were shooting lights every time he brought me to orgasm. They blinded me from realizing that we didn’t close the drapes over the windows that overlooked the street in front of our house.


“Oh, that was fun!” I said to Steve as we led our dog Nico out of the house for his nightly walk.

“Was it worth the wait?” he asked.

“Ohmygod yes!” I said. “I can’t wait to do it again. Like now.”

“Good lord, woman,” Steve sighed. “Give me a break. I think I’m going to need three days to recover from what you put me through. I am totally drained in more ways than one.”

Nico found his favorite tree two doors down. While we waited for him to him do his business, Steve said, “Now that’s what I call doggie style.”

Aside from Nico giving the tree about three years worth of fertilizer, I really didn’t get what he meant by the doggie style reference until he said, “Look up there in that window. He looks like he’s going to plow her across the room.”

They were neighbors I had only seen but never met. I took them as the proper, straight-laced type. They both had SUV’s. She used hers for driving the kid to the bus stop at the corner every morning. He carted golf clubs in and out of his every Saturday.

I saw her flip over, lift her legs over his shoulders, and drag her nails into his back. She looked like she was going to draw blood.

“And I thought we were wild,” Steve said.

“Well, we were outside,” I said. “It’s not like I wanted to draw attention to ourselves.”

“What if we did?” Steve asked. “Would they believe what they saw? Would we inspire them to get their freak on?”