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Ms. Q & A: Dealing With Noisy Sex Neighbors

Dear Ms. Q,

I live in an apartment that’s usually pretty quiet. I usually can’t hear anything unless people are yelling at each other or if a party gets out of hand. Luckily, those things rarely happen.

Recently, new neighbors moved in next door and I can hear them when they have sex. It’s a bit TMI for me, especially after I’ve fallen asleep.

It’s not like I can knock on their door to ask them to be quiet and I’m sure they’ll figure out it’s me if I leave a note on their door. Is there a non-awkward way of resolving this problem?

Peaceful Pam

Dear Pam,

I’m all for taping on or leaving a note under the door. You don’t have to sign it. Even if they figure out you’re the one who wrote it, I’m sure they’re aware of the building’s rules about noise and I’m sure they want to be considerate neighbors. I’m also sure they’ll appreciate your kind and gentle discretion if you write something like, “I’m glad you enjoy each other, but could you keep the noise level down just a bit? Thanks!”

If I had your problem and could get away with it, I’d love to leave a note like one of these …

Ms. Q

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