Date Night

My Sex Bucket List: A Clothing-Optional Vacation

The other day I had a marathon shopping day. When I’m out, I’m oblivious to the pings and dings going off in my phone in my purse, but I do check messages as soon as I get home.

There were some messages that I wish I paid attention to as soon as I got them.

They were photos of my lover, Parrot, in the nude beaming as brightly as the sky atop a mountain near his house.

Even though we’ve reminisced several times about the afternoon we spent in the nude outdoors picnicking and indulging in each other during our last weekend together, I could see that time wasn’t enough for him.

We love sharing time together in the nude, even if it doesn’t involve sex, but it’s almost always been indoors. (If you live near the Ann Arbor (or Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids), Mich., area, the Oasis Hot Tub Gardens are a perfect naked date night destination. We loved it!) I’ve often joked about holing up and spending entire weekends in the nude, but we also enjoy seeing places, doing things, and socializing with others when we travel and spend time together.

I had looked into booking a weekend at a clothing-optional resort when he came out to Michigan to see me this past summer, but the options within an hour two outside of DTW were limited. They were either campsites (I don’t have a camper or camping equipment) or were popular with the swinging crowd, which isn’t our thing.

Then I found a few other prospects closer to his home.

Laguna Del Sol outside of Sacramento looks like my kind of place. It has the right balance of being in nature with a lake and walking paths as well as four pools, a restaurant and nightclub. While it does have a campsite, there are also rooms and mobile homes to rent.

• Farther down south in Palm Springs, I’m really digging the mid-century modern vibe of the Terra Cotta Inn. The saltwater pool and outdoor massages are major perks. Some online reviewers in the past have dinged TCI for its cheesy, outdated interiors, but the few photos I’ve seen of recent room renovations look pretty nice.

• While a saltwater pool sounds pretty enticing, so do the mineral water pools at the nearby Living Waters Spa. I’d also like to take one of their couples massage workshops. I’m sure Parrot would, too.

• The nearby Desert Sun Resort bills itself as a luxury nude resort and it’s reflected in its modern and upscale facilities and amenities. It might merit a day pass visit. After all, we’re all about seeing places], doing things, and socializing with others when we travel and spend time together.

Plus, I also like the idea of packing just a toothbrush for a long weekend getaway.