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Online Hookup Dating Site Pictures That Get Noticed

If you’re doing the online dating site thing on a site like Hookup Melbourne ( or Hookup Perth (, pictures count … a lot! An online dating site profile with 3-5 pictures will get noticed more than fewer pictures or none at all.

Put Your Best Face Forward
AGWDM justin harrison 2Include at least one head shot in your online dating site profile. It lets people know that you’re for real.
If you’re a woman, guys WILL judge you by your looks, so look your best – get your hair and makeup done. Guys, women go for the eyes and the smiles more than anything else you might be doing or wearing in your pictures.

Other big tips – do not use a picture in which you’ve cut off someone on the side. Even if you are otherwise married or involved with someone, seeing someone else’s shoulder on the side just sends a creepy vibe. No one wants visual clues or a reminder of your main squeeze. The same goes for pictures of you with kids, parents or grandparents. They just get in the way of the other person imagining them in bed with you.

Most importantly, use a photo that’s no more than a year old, and definitely not one that was taken five, 10 or 15 years or kilos ago. If the goal is to meet the person you’re chatting with in person, what’s the point of false advertising? It definitely will not get you from your laptop or phone to the bedroom.

Body Shots
AGWDM female online hookup dating site picFull body shots are just as important as head shots.

Ladies, a full body shot in a bikini, swimsuit or sexy lingerie gets 10 times more attention than any other picture on your online dating site profile. Professional boudoir shots are hot, if you have them. Don’t hesitate to give a closeup of your boobs or your bum. If you don’t have a bikini body, wear some body-flattering lingerie.

Showing off a picture of yourself on holiday or traveling comes in second in opening a door to a possible new sex connection. Who doesn’t look happy and at their best when they’re on holiday? Pictures with a drink in hand shows you’re a party girl who’s up and ready for a good time. A pic in a dress, especially it’s a short dress that shows some leg or cleavage, lets guys know you’re all woman – a sexy and feminine-looking woman.

AGWDM man online hookup dating picGuys, get out that picture of you in a suit because, as ZZ Top puts it, every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man. Pictures of guys in suits get noticed more often than any kind of photos – about six times more often. Yeah, it’s a bit of that Christian Grey thing, even though a man in a suit has always turned a woman’s head every time. And some women like to imagine what you can do with that necktie once it comes off!

Travel and vacation pictures turn heads, too. So do pics with guys standing next to luxury cars, boats and motorcycles. Yeah, it shows you have some money, but guys tend to mention their motorized toys when talking about themselves anyway. Shirtless ab shots are totally hot with women, but if you don’t have 6-pack abs, throw on a tank top for your online dating pic.

Some adult dating sites like Hookup Melbourne and Hookup Perth allow nude photos. That’s really a personal choice. Of course, men love them for women, but covering up provides a bit of mystique before the full reveal. Plus there are some guys who only troll adult dating sites just for wank fodder. You probably don’t want to be “that” guy’s fantasy. You probably get more than enough “Got any nudes?” messages from them anyway.

AGWDM elephant dickGuys, I hate to say this and you’ve probably heard this a bazillion times, but most women don’t like dick pics. But if you’re insistent on showing off the whole package, ask her first if she wants to see your Mr. Happy and make sure you’re showing your full package – body, face and all. And please, no mirror image bathroom or messy bedroom nudie selfies. For a woman, there nothing more unsexy unappealing than seeing a toilet or a heap of dirty towels or sheets in the background. (Ladies, I don’t recommend the bathroom shots either, but frankly, most guys don’t notice or care.)

A well-written and completed profile helps seal the deal, too, but it and your icebreaker message won’t get noticed unless they include a couple of good photos to bring the hookup fantasy to life.

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