Adult Humor

Penis Names You Probably Never Thought Of

There are times when I’m writing my eloquent smut that I get a bit tired of using cock, dick, and penis over and over again, and I don’t want to use the other obvious slang terms like schlong, wang or ding-a-ling. So I gave myself a challenge to find new penis names from A-Z. Most of these I’ve never heard of, and some of them I made up along the way.

Adult Friend Finder
Baby Baster
Baloney Pony
Black & Dick Her
The Bone Ranger
Boneless Beef
Chief of Staff
Cum Gun
Custard Cannon
Drill Sergeant
Executive Staff Member
Fallopian Fiddler
Flesh Banana
Flesh Cigar
Flesh Rocket
Fluid Inject-Her
Frontal Lobe (After all, don’t men think with their …?)
Gag Gadget
The Giving Tree
Hanging Chad
Happy Hose
The Incredible Bulk
Jack in Her Box
Jism Cannon
Johnny Cockrane
Jurassic Pork
Leader of the Sack
Lip Stick
Long Dong Silver
Love Meat
Love Sword
Man Dingo
Man Hammer
Man Meat
Moisture Missile
Mr. Mojo Rising
Naughty Stick
Orgasm Rocket
Pajama Python
Pebbles and Bam-Bam
Pussy Plunger
Quarter Pound-Her
Rainbow Roll
Rocket to Uranus
Rooter of all Evil
Santa and His Sack of Toys
Serpent of Sin
Sex Pistol
Sir Lance-a-Lot
Sir Spanks-a-Lot
Spunk Trunk
Stanley, the power tool
Sweet Meat
Taco Warmer
Tuna Torpedo
Thunder Stick
Uncle Reamus
Vagina Miner
Verve Pipe
Weapon of Ass Destruction
Womb Broom
Womb Raider
Woody Womb Pecker
XTC Stick
Yummy Hummer
Zipper Ripper
Zipper Snake
Zipper Stick

Then again, you can always find a new penis name or name your penis on this penis name generator.