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Playing Doctor, Sext Gods & Asian Women

AGWDM playing doctorSometimes I wonder if the debate about sex and porn addictions will be around as long as arguments about gun control and abortions. Personally, I think the word “addiction” is misused with regard to people who have issues with sex and sexuality. But if you’re not sure what to think on this issue, check out my mention of’s sex addiction debate between Robert Weiss (pro) and Dr. David Ley (con) in this week’s Sex Stories We Love in Kinkly.

While Dr. Ley is a real doctor of psychology, I also shared a story about a woman who’s not a doctor of any sort who took it upon herself to inject a guy’s penis with silicone. Another sex therapist along with sex educators Charlie Glickman and Sunny Megatron offer some excellent information on prostate orgasms and how the prostate works in another story I mentioned. And if you’re curious about whether men’s and women’s butts are really that different, why men like to touch their junk, how to be a great Dom, or what makes some songs sexier than others, head on over to Kinkly.

I’ve also been busy over at Arousr. I talked to some of my favorite male sexperts about how to be a sext god and why men prefer Asian women.

Like how you never know what I’ll write about in Kinkly’s Sex Stories We Love and over at Arousr, be sure to make time to check out what I’m writing about here at A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind.