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Row, Row, Row Your Butt (and Other Naughty Bits)

AGWDM row row row your buttI’m far from being a huge sports buff, especially when it comes to rowing. Butt I think I might have a change of heart for these guys.

For the seventh straight (or bi or gay?) year, the Warwick Rowers Club, has released its naked calendar. And to tease and entice us, they put out a slightly NSFW video of a behind-the-scenes look at the calendar photo shoot to promote the calendar, which raises funds for the club and its charity, Sports Allies.

“We started our calendar to raise funds for our club,” one of the club members on the video says. “That’s all we were aiming to do. Then we started hearing from a lot of gay men. They found our calendar and they really liked it. ‘Did we mind having gay fans?’ some of them asked. We didn’t even understand the question. Why would we mind?”

So in the club’s effort to bust through the last bastion of homophobic culture — sports — the members started Sports Allies.

A statement on the club’ Sports Allies page of its website reads: “The fact that team sports are often felt to be ‘off limits’ to LGBT+ people results in them being excluded from one of the key cohesive team experiences. It is not acceptable that anyone is openly excluded from what is a “major shared cultural arena” as well as a key pathway to personal growth.”

Now just imagine how that message would change the culture of other sports teams and leagues if they put out naked calendars?

It just might bring on more female fans, too!