Saucy Saturday Stories

Saucy Saturday Stories: Affairs, Labels & Vaginas

AGWDM SSS confessions from the porn storeI’ll start out by being very unapologetic about being 49 years old. I’m more happy, self-aware and at peace with myself than at any other time of my life. I’ll also say that the youth have no idea what being sexy is all about. Youth is for the inexperienced.

That’s why I was so excited to come across several recent stories recounting this same message on some of my favorite sex blogs.

I’m not sure who pens Confessions From the Porn Store. She keeps her identity pretty well guarded except that she revealed that she just hit a milestone birthday, 47, in a recent post, Sexy at Any Age? It is Nothing but a Number?  While she affirms that she’s going to accept being in her late 40’s, she brings up an interesting observation: I think that more affairs happen as we age because we want affirmation that we are still desirable and sexy. Since it’s not a topic that’s easy to bring up with girlfriends over lunch or kitchen table talks, she’s asked women to respond on her blog post.

AGWDM daily plate of crazyI’ve never seen D.A. Wolf disclose her age on her blog, Daily Plate of Crazy, or in the articles that she pens for Purple Clover, but based on the articles she writes, I assume that we’re pretty close in age. It’s probably why I enjoy them so much, especially one of her recent posts, Wordless. It deals with some struggles that I have in defining my relationship: labels.

In my blog posts, I often refer to Parrot as my lover. It’s a term that really doesn’t define what he is in my life. “Lover” implies that we’re only connected for the purpose of sex. As good as sex is, we’re really much more to each other than fuck buddies. He’s far too mature to be called a boyfriend yet “gentleman friend” sounds so uppity. “Friend” sounds so vague and platonic. I have several friends, most whom are male, but I don’t have sex with them. And as far as our relationship is heading, living together or wedding plans aren’t in our future. That lack of progression seems to bother and confuse others while it’s not an issue at all for me.

D.A. dances around a lot of these same issues in her relationship. While the article as a whole is worth reading, she sums it up best by saying: As a duo, we would receive the Patti Stanger Seal of Approval as being in a committed monogamous relationship, but more importantly, we’re in a great relationship that suits us both, certainly for now.

AGWDM SSS in bed with married womenI don’t know how old Jill Hamilton of In Bed with Married Women is, but I loved her thoughts on the mature vagina in a recent post, The Lush Sexuality of a Woman in Full Bloom. I practically stood up and cheered when I read this passage:

I think that’s why the Prevailing Attitudes of the Day re: vaginas and the stupid bleaching and plastic surgery are bothering me so much. Because all of those things are about making the vagina chaste-looking and less, well, womanly. Like a beginner vagina that doesn’t know anything. The lips of a vagina that has birthed babies and been well fucked are lush and flushed and swollen. They are not tiny and pink and virginal. They are full and open and just…so ripe.  Experts in reshaping, accentuating, and flattering every body type. Sizes S-6X!