Saucy Saturday Stories

Saucy Saturday Stories: Double Lives, Breaking Barriers & Fruiting

The Double Life of a Dominatrix

Even though I’m always me, sometimes I feel like I lead a double life. Most people in my personal life, especially my family, don’t know I write this blog. I want it that way. Sometimes it’s fun having no one assume what I do, but sometimes I feel it’s a little unsettling. I’m proud of what I do and share with others. Yet I wonder how many other people are out there that are just like me.

I loved reading what Rebecca, someone who I’ve been following on Twitter as Mistress Jane (@TamedbyJane) (, about this very same thing. Although our everyday lives and relationships are very different, they’re pretty much the same. Read her story at

The Two Biggest Barriers to Having Great Sex

Take a guess at what the two biggest barriers are to having great sex.

Even as a sex therapist, Dr. Shannon Chavez found that she learned a lot about getting comfortable with her body and talking about sex after attending one of Betty Dodson’s Bodysex workshops. As she put it, “As a sex therapist, I talk about sex all day long. In the workshop, it wasn’t talking about sex that was difficult for me, but I did find it challenging to focus on myself and my own sexuality.”

I can’t agree more. Personally, my body looks nothing like the perfect images that are projected in advertising and entertainment, but I enjoy how it feels and what it can do. If I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t talk and write about sex the way that I do. Being shame-free and shameless are the two things that make the difference between good sex and great sex. She, like me, believes: “women can get the healing and guidance they need to move past their personal barriers and make sexual satisfaction a reality.” You really have to read more on what she has to say about this in Kinkly.

Grapefruiting Alternatives

I swore I was never going to bring up the grapefruiting video again, but I never said anything about appleing, lemoning, green peppering, cabbaging…