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Saucy Saturday Stories: Fantasies

AGWDM chanel prestonA bunch of us had quite the interesting chat about fantasies during #SexTalkTuesday on Twitter this week. One of the best things about it was that June 2012 Penthouse Pet Chanel Preston (@ChanelPreston) moderated the discussion. How cool is that? I bet it was a fantasy for a couple of people to talk about fantasies with Ms. Preston, too.

In case you missed the discussion, you can catch it here, thanks to #SexTalkTuesday’s sponsor @ssshforwomen.

I have a couple of ideas for articles about fantasies that I have milling around in my head. I’m sure that Parrot and I will be talking about and pursuing a few of ours this weekend. In the meantime, I decided to dig into the archives of some of my favorite sex bloggers to share what they have to say on the topic. The stories that I found are a much broader and deeper exploration of fantasies than all of us could pack in 140 characters at a time on Twitter during #SexTalkTuesday.

AGWDM andee fantasyFantasy to Reality, Andee Sexy Northern Angel
One of the realities of pursuing a fantasy can rear its ugly head in the idea of real expectations. That is a big reason why I have always tried to be clear on what it is I am looking for when things become action after living inside my mind as thoughts for so long. (Read more…)

I’m a straight woman who has lesbian fantasies! Am I weird?, Cara Sutra

In a society where the sexualisation of women is all too commonplace, it is easy to feel the pressure to conform to other people’s ideas of what ‘being sexy’ equates to. Often, cultural attitudes as well as media can have an impact on personal fantasies. (Read more …)

Sharing Your Sexual Fantasy With Your Partner, Condom Depot

When you start a new relationship with someone, you’re opening yourself up in a big way. (Read more…)

Sex Fantasies You Only Think You Want, Confessions From the Porn Store

Everybody has fantasies, nothing unusual there. For some it’s a little S&M or exhibitionism, for others it’s an ultra romantic sex-fest. Whatever it is for you, you should consider the fact that some fantasies are best left unfulfilled! (Read more…)

AGWDM erotic scribes fantasiesMan vs Woman Fantasies, Erotic Scribes

I found a really great article on talking about the differences that exist between what men and women fantasize about. I mean when you think about it, we already know that different things will turn males and females on so you have to wonder how different out everyday fantasies are. It was so good that I decided to post it here for you all to see. And to prove to you, that Sssh is about so much more than just porn for women and couples! (Read more…)

Fantasy – My First Female Experience, Fuckblogging

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about women. I always found a woman’s body attractive, but I was afraid of being called a lesbian. Not that it was bad because my parents never showed favoritism or dislike to any race, religion, or lifestyle. However, people have expressed same sex experiences as something that was sinful. But as MTV’s Real World, Girls Gone Wild, and the endorsement and praise of celebrities, politicians, and other public figures have become more mainstream, it’s become more acceptable to enjoy it and be aroused by it. (Read more…)

Threesome Fantasy and Fun, With None of the Baggage, Kinkly

Takeaway: Sex toys can help couples simulate some threesome fun – without all the baggage that often comes with bringing a new partner to bed (Read more…)

AGWD polkadotsi fantasy3 Ways To Delve Into Fantasy In The Bedroom, Polkadotsi

Do you have a naughty, sexy fantasy? For many of us, sexual fantasies can be embarrassing, or even shameful to speak about. With a little practice, you can learn to delve into your sexual fantasies and light a fire in your sexual life. (Read more…)

What Role Does Fantasy Play in Sex and Relationships?, Sex in Words

What set me off was the whole idea of fantasy and fantasizing. As someone so involved with sex media, I do always have to be aware when I am too “inside” on topics, presuming that everyone, included like-minded folks, are completely in-line with what I have learned and feel. (Read more…)

AGWDM symone kitty nelson fantasiesTop female fantasies! …. Guys pay attention!, Symone Kitty Nelson

Contrary to popular belief women think about sex just as much as men do. Trust me fellas we are some horny bastards! The difference between men and women is ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can remind a man about sex while for a woman sensory triggers like someone wearing a sexy cologne, or a man with a deep baritone voice will trigger naughty thoughts. (Read more…)

If you’re interested in joining us for #SexTalkTuesday, it’s held every first and third Tuesday of the month from 4-5 p.m. Eastern Time.

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