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Saucy Saturday Stories: #RealWorldSex, Banned Vulva Art & Testicle-Eating Fish

AGWDM modesty ablazeWhy Modesty Ablaze Loves #RealWorldSex

If you haven’t guessed already, my lover Parrot and I are big fans of Make Love Not Porn. There’s something a lot more exciting about watching real people sharing and expressing their genuine fun and passion than two (or more) otherwise strangers performing feats of extremeness and weirdness.

One of our favorite Make Love Not Porn stars is Modesty Ablaze. She’s fun, frisky, and not afraid to explore her fantasies with – or without – her husband and share them for the world to see.

In her latest blog post, Modesty Ablaze writes about why she loves Make Love Not Porn (for pretty much the same reasons I do). She also shares previews of her 10 videos on the site. I’ve seen many of them, including her latest. And the $5 three-week rental is well worth the price, especially since Make Love Not Porn stars get half the cut.

Sharing Fantasies

For some couples, sharing fantasies can be awkward, difficult or embarrassing. There are tons of articles with tips about sharing fantasies. However, there’s something that makes doing that real and possible when it comes from a blogger’s personal perspective and experience and not just in theory from a writer on assignment. I really like the advice Andee from Andee Sexy Northern Angel gives in her post, Getting Back to Sharing.

Traveling with Sex Toys

Since Parrot and I live 2,000 miles away from each other, one or both of us travel about once every two months to spend time with each other. And yes, we travel with sex toys. Only once has one of us been briefly detained by a TSA agent. Even Parrot had to agree that the sex swing in his carry-on bag looked a bit suspicious in on the screen. He got through to the gate with no problem.

That’s why I had to chuckle about Spicy Wife’s stories in her latest post, Traveling with Sex Toys, in Spice Up My Marriage.

Arresting Art

In Japan, Megumi Igarashi was arrested for creating and selling art in the likeness of her vulva.

The 42-year-old artists makes plaster casts of her hooha to make dioramas 3-D printers to make iPhone cases and even a kayak in the likeness of her vulva.

You can read more about her artistic antics in Metro.

There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Thank goodness it was a woman who caught a pacu, a South American relative of the piranha, in Lake St. Clair last week.

I’m not being sexist in any way. The pacu, a tropical fish with teeth, has been known to chomp on men’s testicles when given the chance.

Rochester Patch says that two men in Papua, New Guinea, are said to have died from extreme blood loss after the fish took nips of their balls.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources assures men who skinny dip in the Great Lakes are in no real danger of these nad nibbling fish. It’s a safe assumption that the fish got too big or aggressive for someone’s aquarium and got dumped into the lake.