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Saucy Saturday Stories: Sisters of All Ages Speak Out About Sex

AGWDM jane fondaAs much as I get frustrated over society’s views of what kinds of sexual thoughts, mores and expectations of women are “appropriate”, I always get excited when I hear women speak up for themselves – especially the very old and the very young.

I don’t know how old Lindy West is. I assume that’s she’s in her 20’s or 30’s. I loved how she gushed being in the presence of Jane Fonda in her article in Jezebel, Women in Their 70s Say They’re Having Way Hotter Sex Than You.

Some people’s genes are fucking boss. Jane Fonda at 76 looked better in a sequined pantsuit than I probably will in my wedding dress.

Being in my late 40’s, I’ve always thought that it was just my age and situations in life that made me understand and appreciate how awesome it is to feel my sexiest and know that there’s more and better to come.

Then West shared some comments that she had heard from some older women that really made me smile.

Standing barely 5-feet tall, 88-year-old Libby spoke of her colossal sexual appetite up until her husband’s death, at the age of 91. “We were married for 58 years and to the end of his life, George and I never lost the magic of our physical attraction for each other,” Libby said. “This business that every woman over the age of 70 or 80 doesn’t lubricate is nonsense. I guess people today would call us sex addicts, because we made love so often and thought about it every day. We would spend hours in bed, and we would talk and laugh and roll around.”

”After 70, there comes a sweetness about making love. We go slowly, there is no rush anymore. When you’re younger, it’s all about the orgasm, then it’s over. I love this suspended feeling, the absolute intimacy we have been able to achieve.”

I have no doubt that women naturally don’t lose their mojo at a certain age. I’m convinced those who have are conditioned to think and feel that way and have probably repressed their sexuality and sensuality all of their lives.

Unfortunately, it’s not just women that perpetuate that myth.

AGWDM marion mayerI give a big applause to 16-year-old Marion Mayer, a junior at Lakeland High School in Florida. Her Facebook and Tumblr posts about her high school principal’s reasoning behind the school’s new dress code were picked up in HuffPost Teen.

I’m not totally dress codes. There are some kids that have no concept of what is appropriate to wear to school or work. I once had a high school intern I had to tell on three different occasions that flip flops and bare midriffs and shoulders were not appropriate in the office – for her or for anyone. Our company’s policy was suits and dresses for women and ties for men. It was all about professional decorum.

However, Mayer’s principal went one step too far by justifying that the new dress code had more to do with “Modest is hottest,” and “Boys will be boys.”

You are literally sending the message to young girls, who are already struggling with self-confidence, that hiding their body makes them more attractive. You are establishing a sense of shame in these young, developing minds and bodies. A human has the right to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Showing less skin doesn’t make you any more attractive. Showing more skin does not make you any less attractive. When someone calls you attractive that just means that they are attracted to you.

As far as I’m concerned, messages like this are what high schools should be conveying to students in dress codes and in sex ed classes.

New Sites to Watch & Read

AGWDM Logo_de_PasionisAfter the success of Pasionis in Spain, the female-friendly porn and sexuality site now has an English version.

While I wouldn’t consider their video offerings porn, it does share some really sensual and juicy R-rated public domain videos. It also has quite a few informative and credible articles on sex tips. It’s worth keeping in your reading list.

AGWDM oactually logoO’Actually is also ramping up on launching a fun, modern and sophisticated female- and couples-friendly adult entertainment site that features videos, photos and erotica. It’s currently scoping out content for a spring or summer launch.

Also, look for the Dusk to start appearing on the small screens in the U.S. soon. The female-friendly porn (they call it porna) channel has enjoyed some success in the Netherlands and has plans to expand to Canada and Australia, too.

So what does Dusk mean by porna? I haven’t seen any of the video offerings but this is how they define it:

AGWDM dusk logo• In contrast to traditional porn, porna is created and filmed primarily from the female point of view and female perception of lust. Female pleasure plays a central role, or there is at least an equal balance of attention paid to female and male pleasure.

• All the characters are clearly enjoying what they are doing. Their pleasure and lust are convincingly real; not only visibly, but audibly as well. Their passion is credible and their excitement is stimulating in every scene.  There is a convincing, tangible chemistry, interaction and affection between the main characters.

• The tension in the sex scenes is built up well, the foreplay gradually turning each other on without lasting too long. The context or ‘ reason ‘ is also taken into consideration,this does not involve long introductions or long, drawn-out stories, but we have to be able to understand why these people want to have sex with each other.

• Porna is beautifully filmed, with good camera work and lighting, and beautiful scenery and settings. Aesthetic and cinematographic quality are also important, as these make the films a feast for the eye as well.

• ‘ Real’, attractive people with beautiful but natural bodies.

• Explicit sex that is never vulgar or hard/rough. It’s a myth, however, that women should only like soft and cuddly sex; most of them really enjoy watching explicit sex!

I haven’t heard which cable and satellite providers will carry Dusk, but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to pick it up.