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Saucy Saturday Stories: The Fuck Truck, Balloon Sex & Other Goofy Stuff

AGWDM fuck truckThat’s How They Roll

We’ve all heard about the Mile High Club. There’s even a pilot in Traverse City, Mich., who flies his plane out for mid-air nookie sessions.

But what if you’re looking for something that’s a little more down to earth?

According to HuffPost Women, the Hook-Up Truck is getting ready to hit the streets of San Francisco and beyond. On the outside, it looks like an ordinary delivery truck. The inside of the truck is furnished with minimal furniture, mood lighting, temperature control and condoms.

AGWDM penis balloon(Sex) Life of the Party

I have no idea if Ryan of Mad Art Lab spends too much time at home or has a busy social life hopping from party to party. Regardless, he shares some mad balloon craft skills in his post, NSFW Balloon Animals.

If you don’t have any balloons on hand, you can always impress guests at a fancy dinner party or restaurant by folding cloth napkins into the shape of a bra. Instructions are at Wonder How To.

Don’t Be the Father

There’s no one quite like the folks at Condom Depot who know how to make condoms fun and sexy. If you’re a follower of its Tumblr site, you would have seen a great “ad” for a condom it doesn’t carry … Jedi condoms.

AGWDM ho depotNo Sex at The Ho(me) Depot

Jokes aside about how Marie Franklin at I Married a Sex God gets horny shopping at The Home Depot. I mean there’s the rope and chain aisle and all those hooks and pulleys to make all kinds of bondage gear. Then there are the power tools because some of them look like … well, you know. The girl really puts the Ho in The Home Depot. (And you know that I mean that in the most positive sex-positive way.)

I would think that would be a major perk for Marie’s husband, but it’s not. If anything, the two of them always fight. And then she noticed that they weren’t the only couples bickering and arguing.

I have my opinions on that observation. I was once a half of one of those couples. “Hard-on” just takes on a different meaning for guys once they step into one of those big home improvement warehouses. “Hammer”, “nail” and “screw” just take on their noun-ish meanings. I have a few male friends who get excited about getting hot dogs at the hot dog carts that are parked right outside the front door. I’ve even heard them critique which carts/stores have the best wieners and buns, not in a porn-ish way but in a food porn way.

But to me, the way my ex-live-in would spend time comparing shades and brands of paint was about as fun for me as watching it dry on one of his projects.

I’ll have to pay attention to see if couples fight at the mall. That’s where my ex-live-in would do his best pouting and ask, “Are we done yet?” every three minutes.

Now That’s a Tasty Ass … But How Would You Know?

I will not lie. I have a massive girl crush on Cara Sutra and her blog. She’s smart, sexy and authoritative about all things sexy.

The other day, she answered a reader’s question about which anal desensitizing lube to use. Her short answer was “no” for the obvious reason – to feel what’s going on for the sake of pleasure and safety.

She also made a point about something I always wondered about … flavored anal desensitizing lube.

Oh I understand and love rimming. But with a numb tongue? Something to think on…

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