Relationship Ramblings

Seduction Makes Sex So Much Hotter

I was taken by this quote:


How true!

I thought back to when I reconnected with Parrot. A few weeks after we got in touch with each other, he said, “I’d love to come out to see you. How does the first weekend in March sound?”

I had tons of excuses not to. March is as dreary as it is cold in Michigan. I assumed that our time together could never be as joyful or blissful as those five days we spent together vagabonding up and down the Northern California coast in late summer 16 years earlier. If our time together was just as great, I didn’t know how I could do it for just one time. It would drive me crazy not to do it more often. I also remember how heavy my heart felt and the tears that welled up in my eyes saying goodbye to him at the airport thinking I’d never see him again all those years ago. I just couldn’t go through that again.

But Parrot persisted and I gave in. I’m glad I did.

Since then, we’ve always been willing to say “Yes!” to sex, but it doesn’t mean that doesn’t mean that we no longer seduce each other. We do it often in phone calls, texts and emails when we’re apart. Often, just getting a simple text out off the blue like “I want you” gets me feeling tingly and libidinous.

Sometimes seduction just happens. We could be talking about music or politics. (I know that sounds crazy, but we’re passionate about politics.) The conversation gets heated. The speed, pitch and tones of our words get louder and faster. We start cutting what each of us is trying to say. There comes a point when I tell him, “I want to be naked with you.”

There have been many evenings when we’ve sat on the balcony listening to music, drinking martinis and smoking cigars. The hour get late or a chill in the air brings us into the house. We bring everything in, close the door behind us, and head straight to the bedroom. I’ve never consciously thought of those times as being seduction, but thinking about those times months and years later, they definitely were.

Sometimes seduction doesn’t need words. It could be the way he looks at or kisses me. It could be the way he wraps his body from behind when we’re waking up in the morning and I feel his cock pressed against my backside. Then there was the one time he was sitting on the sofa, reading his email on his laptop. All I did was come up from behind and ran my hands from his shoulders down to his chest. Within seconds, he put his laptop on the coffee table, got up, took my hand, and walked me to the bedroom.

Ah! Seduction. I just can’t get enough of it with this man.