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Sex Stories I Love & ‘Arousr’-ing Stories

I LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches. My all-time favorite is Mozzarella, Provolone and pesto on whole grain or ciabatta bread. My guilty pleasure is Velveeta slices on white bread.

So what do grilled cheese sandwiches have to do with sex? Or more specifically, what do they have to say about my or your sexual tastes and style? You can draw your conclusions in this week’s Sex Stories We Love in Kinkly.

As always, this weekly feature runs the gamut in sex articles and blog post from all over the web. Other stories this week include sex and men over 50, how shopping is a lot like sex (either women aren’t having the sex life I have or I’ve been shopping wrong), the case for doing yoga naked, a possible new super condom, and a Magic Wand upgrade.

I’ve also started blogging for AROUSR and have some stories that are really pushing some limits and dealing with topics that few, if any, online publications are focusing on like the benefits of virtual threesomes and bisexual male acceptance. Give them a read, share them, and share your comments and questions. They’re conversations we need to have!