Sex Stories I Write Elsewhere

Sex Stories I Love to Read and Write About Elsewhere, Especially About Sissy Boys

It’s time once again for my bi-weekly roundup of Sex Stories We Love at Kinkly. This week’s story collection theme centers on how we, sex, porn, the Internet and technology have come a long way in the past 20 years or so. I also took a look further back in the past on some stories that debated if the Kinsey Scale needs some retooling and a time when prostitutes weren’t the scorn of society, but were considered and respected as priestesses.

I have to admit that my curiosity was piqued while and after I wrote a blog post about sissy boy play for Arousr. Even if it’s something you don’t get your rocks off on personally, it’s one of very few articles I could find that defines what it’ all about — especially for people who make negative snap judgments.